Beer Barrel Upgraded

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Greetings to our Salo friends: after several months of searching for a vBulletin replacement we decided to go with Xenforo based on the look and feel of Salo, as well as the recommendations of its administrators, and just finished adapting the software to our forum. The new board is up and fully functional, so come give us a look at




Yeah vBulletin 4.0 is just terrible.


Xenforo :thumbsup:

Queer Barrel :thumbsdown:

el greco

latest version of xen looks pretty good. scroll wheel caught on fire browsing all your sub-forums.


Greetings - we've just added an Arcade with over 125 games to play at the Beer Barrel. There are also several other features available, including a Wiki, Blog, Shoutbox and Photo Albums. If you enjoy free speech and uncensored discussion of current events, politics, race relations, economics and history, feel free to stop by.

Ben S. Kanake

i have a very poor attention span and an IQ half a standard deviation below the mean thanks to my mud ancestry. that makes it very hard for me to understand websites with more than 5 subforums, especially if the number of regular users is around that same number.