This is the terminus of Tory radicalism

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Andrew Coyne on Budget 2012: This is the terminus of Tory radicalism
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I strongly agree with his point that this would be the budget in their 4-year rule that would have to be the harshest in terms of cuts. Putting off OAS changes for 10 years is painless and makes some savings. Other changes seem to put in some good structural changes. They're also doing a lot of re-organizing in different programs and ministries.

The spending is still way above the (2007/2008) pre-emergency spending levels.

I wish the "hidden agenda" on the economy would have come through. I suppose they're still stuck in the mindset of pleasing the other parties. This is meager.

nuclear launch detected

I am going to come out and say it, I really despise old people. They are going to destroy our economy because these fuckers absolutely refused to save when they were younger and now they absolutely refuse to die. We have 90+ year old bankrupting our health care system by undergoing $600,000 kidney transplants because they can't accept the fact that the reason their kidneys are failing is because they are FUCKING OLD.

And this myth of old people living on fixed income and needing government assistance is such bullshit. They in fact have multiple sources of income (work pension, social security, savings accounts, stock dividends, disability payments and etc), why do you think there are hordes of old people streaming in and out of casinos 24/7? It's cuz they got money to spend motherfucker!

I can't wait to put all these fuckers in wheel chairs and roll them off a cliff.

Team Zissou
Canada, the entire Anglophone sphere, Scandinavia, Europe are all looking at the same fate. And anybody who thinks Africans, Muslims and Latinos are going to work on the tax farm for all the old white people is just fucking crazy.