Consolidated Coming Apart Thread

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Bob Dylan Roof
Klaatu mentioned that he was preparing a review of Charles Murray's recent book Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010. Murray co-authored the infamous Bell Curve back in '94, but he's managed to shrug off his pariah status and reinsert himself into the public debate by completely eschewing any discussion of race or immigration in his current book (save for a quick gloss on the latter topic toward the end). I won't provide a summary here because plenty of copy has already been published on Murray's thesis, but Klaatu or anyone else should fee free to add one.

Given the amount of shoutbox discussions concerning the book, I figured we might as well dump observations in here. For example Pontius Pilate Throwing Up 350 Pounds On The Bench mentioned that Murray's list of virtues is likely incomplete or too soft and anodyne because it doesn't incorporate some other, more egotistical form of Murray's "industriousness." Genotype at MajorityRights also points out that the most intellectually rigorous disciplines are underrepresented in the 1%, which runs contrary to Murray's thesis that IQ, status, and income are virtually coextensive.

Thomas777 ; Kirillov
President Camacho
I would guess that the highest status individuals overwhelmingly fall within the 75%-95% quantile of the IQ curve. Smart enough to understand how to get ahead in society but not so intellectual so as to shy away from action (in both "office politics" and real-world politics), as the most thoughtful and intelligent individuals are highly prone towards doing.

If I had to estimate in percentage terms I'd imagine that 80% of "the 1%" fall within this 75%-95% IQ range, 10% of them are above this range, and 10% are below the 75% threshold: these are the self-made bosses and power brokers out there who have little to no capability for abstract/technical thinking yet clawed to the top solely on their skill in manipulating humans.