George Clooney Launching a Line of Tequila: Worth a Shot or What a Waste?

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George Clooney really does it all. The actor, director, producer, serial monogamist and activist (he was recently arrested during a protest at the Sudanese Embassy ) is coming out with a line of tequila. Yes, tequila.

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Clooney and his friend Rande Gerber, better known as Cindy Crawford's night-life mogul husband -- are planning to market a tequila they've been drinking for the last few years, The Wall Street Journal reports. It will be called Casamigos, named after the homes they own in Mexico, but they want it to be affordable for regular people who don't own second (or third, or fourth) homes in Mexico.

"I don't think we're going to be following all the rules," Gerber told the WSJ. "We know we have a product we love and we drink, and other people will enjoy. The product speaks for itself." Gah -- we're so bored of celebrities putting their names on everything from fragrances to juicers. That said, Clooney does seem like a man of good taste, so this tequila might be good stuff. Do you think it's worth a shot (or maybe, two)?


Will you guys try Nic's err George's brand of alcohol?

Niccolo and Donkey
Not a chance. My tequila phase lasted roughly 2 nights. Awful, awful drink. It's only for 19 year olds on vacation in Mexico who have the fortitude to endure it and of course our very own Mexican, Aprendiz Cornelio.

Pescetarian Troubleshooter
Usually I'd agree, but a few weeks back someone gave me a drink of a high end tequila, presumably a brand that they don't usually tell the gringos about, and it was good. Almost scotch-like, really.
Bob Dylan Roof

Tequila turns man into beast.