Womyn Will Defeat the Taliban Even if NATO Can't

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Niccolo and Donkey
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The stupidity never stops.......


Don’t call Afghanistan a lost cause

Niccolo and Donkey
This dumb bitch missed the Najibullah era, didn't she?

The Taliban began in response to the rape and prostitution of Afghan women by arms & druglords. They saved women.

President Camacho
One can even go further back, to the reforms initiated in the 1960s by the last monarch Nadir Shah. The Afghan peasants haven't accepted women's rights within a monarchial framework, nor within a communist framework, nor a republican framework.
Anytime you hear finger-wagging about "turning back the clock" you can rest assured the author is a shitbag. The irony is that these people unfailingly have the weakest grasp of history and wouldn't comprehend what it'd be like to "turn back the clock" even a few decades.
These fools also don't understand that the Pashtun aren't a bunch of 15th century Mayans who have never seen a White man before - they've been fighting Turks, Englishmen, Persians, Russians, Mongols, Arabs for the entirety of their historical memory.

What exactly would ''womens rights'' entail in Afghanistan anyway? Should Afghan women attend non-existent colleges and marry imaginary men who sell insurance and live in fictitious suburbs? Should they dress up in Halloween costumes and hold ''Slut walks'' across mountain trails? Should they sit around and nurse emotional hostilities and meet other women at a pretend ''Cheesecake Factory'' and complain about being unhappy?

Saying Afghan women need ''rights'' is sort of like saying a Pashtun pastoralist or poppy farmer needs a laptop and an iphone.

Niccolo and Donkey
They must be forced out of the Medieval Age, says Rosie DiManno.

Everyone forgets Najibullah hung on very comfortable for three years post Soviet withdrawal and only dropped because the Soviets ran out of cash to support them. Despite what Ango The Self Hating Western Muslim might say, there's no great desire in Afghan for misognyist theocracy to return. People don't want to live like West Queen Street West but women also don't want to be chattels.

Bob Dylan Roof
Polling data from Afghanistan .

The Taliban didn't make or want to make women into chattel. That's the work of the druglords.

The popular perception that the Taliban was ever anti-woman was pieced together to give the NATO intervention a pretext that satisfies humanitarians and feminists. The group took its first armed action to release a couple sex slaves. There never was a 'misosgynist theocracy'.

As for Najibullah, he only controlled 10% of Afghanistan when the Soviet aid stopped. He was certainly not very comfortable, the trend was toward his defeat, making the decision to forget him much easier for Moscow.