Dante's Divine Comedy is bigoted, anti-semitic

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Bob Dylan Roof
So the group does not promote censorship, although it calls for the poem to be removed from schools.

In the future, our children will read The N-Word of Narcissus , scrutinize the dialog between Huck Finn and N-word Jim , and study an abridged version of the Divine Comedy annotated by Menachem Rosensaft.
Niccolo and Donkey

The effect of this would be to drive Dante's Divine Comedy underground, making it 'forbidden fruit' which would thus gain a cachet amongst youth since they always seek that which is forbidden to them.

Few things are more tantalizing than a list of 'banned books'.

Bob Dylan Roof

Does the Church still maintain an index liborum prohibitorum ? Many of my favorite authors like Machiavelli and Hobbes ended up on the list!


A sign of the perverse depths of European self-abnegation. The homo's comments on reading “in context” are perhaps more telling though. It shows that they are no longer worried about people taking seriously claims of absolute truth.

Nic is likely correct. Indeed, it might be good if such works were banned as it would illustrate a more concrete enemy.

Bob Dylan Roof
I agree that Nic's "worse is better" mentality is appropriate in this situation. Promoting liberal lunacy like censoring the Western Canon or subsidizing sex-change operations in San Francisco can only benefit the right.