What kind of forum is Salo Forum?

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Niccolo and Donkey

Please tell us what kind of forum Salo is at the moment.

Right now, Salo is a gonzo journalism and shitty 70s prog rock forum.


Salo is a gay for pay forum that helps educated young men pursue non-traditional, cash-based careers.

It is also a Realdoll forum and a support forum for people with mental illness.

Finally, it is an anti-Canada, anti-hipster, and anti-indie rock forum, thus making it a defacto anti-O'Zebedee forum


Salo is a radical social experiment brought to you by the creators of Degrassi . Ostensibly a literate, aesthetic and cinematically oriented forum for those disgusted by the banality of the managerial state and the absurd masochism of Cultural Marxism, it was actually the brainchild of a Croat-Canadian social scientist, a former Illinois Nazi who lectures on the dangers of Rage Addiction and the wide eyed grandchild of Falangists who made his fortune selling a revolutionary pool cleaning formula. The actual purpose was to direct legions of Lost Boys away from hate promotion and extremist politics towards livable, medicated existences.

After all, railing semi coherently against democracy and egalitarianism is a sure sign of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Best to get some Xanax and toxoplasmosis in the blood stream to even things out.



Salo is a forum predicated on the principals of Alphonse Marie Louis de Prat de Lamartine and a lust for sexy Hanna Barbara cartoon women.



Kony Worship forum.


President Camacho

Saloforum is in fact an Axis death camp driving feeble-minded young spergs and bisexual teens into deeper levels of self-flagellation and suicidal behavior. It's a sick experiment in digital torture headed up by Niccolo and Donkey who functions as the Dr. Mengele of the operation, collecting dossiers on members for "recordkeeping" purposes and dispatching teams of goons armed with srbosjeks to euthanize inmates like BAP once they've reached the brink of psychological collapse.


Typical Salo poster:



Salo is pretty much an amateur freestyle beatbox forum with subforums devoted to the Brazzaville school of economics and "an analysis of bullying by a Schmittian jurisprudist".


Salo is a flea market for stolen jeans and cigarettes.


Salo Forum stigmatizes youth who might otherwise take up weightlifting and exercise, wear fashionable and respectable clothes, tend their hygiene, believe in popular and/or humanitarian causes, meet and court women, work toward a college degree or doing anything else to become an attractive and commendable man. It is hardly intentional, the creator only yearns to manage a high traffic forum revolving around geopolitics, philosophy, anthropology and other low-math yet highbrow subjects. But the fruit of his labor is instead a collection of characters too cowardly to commit suicide and too cynical to engage in the things that would make them happy, and if not for the exclusivity of his forum, if not for arduously filtering out and warding away a newer cast of posters... it would be a mess of Temple Grandins minus the IQ; recluses obsessed with racial realism and ZOG, peak oil and 9/11 truthism, and an elite few who indulge almost solely in internet gossip, stalking, and outing when they're not accusing everyone who disagrees with them of being an 'informant' or a 'Jew'.