Minorities form racial majority in 106 U.S. cities

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Bob Dylan Roof
Minorities form racial majority in 106 U.S. cities

More than 100 markets across America have qualified for "majority-minority" racial status, according to an On Numbers study of U.S. Census Bureau data.

A majority of the residents of 106 metropolitan and micropolitan areas are members of minority groups, a term that encompasses blacks, American Indians, Asians and Hispanics.

The most extreme case is Rio Grande City-Roma, Texas, a micropolitan area that hugs the Mexican border. Only 1.2 percent of its residents are white. The other 98.8 percent are minorities. Almost all are Hispanics.

On Numbers analyzed raw data from the Census Bureau's 2010 American Community Survey, making adjustments to isolate Hispanics as a distinct race. (The bureau classifies Hispanics as an ethnic group. It assigns separate racial identities to individual Hispanics -- generally white or black. On Numbers removed those identities.)

Texas contains nearly a quarter of the nation's "majority-minority" markets -- 25 of 106. Next are California with 17, New Mexico with 13 and Mississippi with 10.

The following database has racial breakdowns for 942 markets. Use the tab to winnow out a single state, or simply hit Search to see everything at once. Areas are ranked by percentages of white residents, led by St. Marys, Pa., at 98.3 percent.

You can re-sort the list by clicking the appropriate column header. Reverse the sort by clicking a second time.

The "majority-minority" list includes 21 major markets, defined as metropolitan areas with more than 500,000 residents. Among the leaders are Honolulu (80.7 percent minorities), Los Angeles (67.6 percent) and Miami (63.8 percent).

ED: There's a useful tool at the link that breaks down metropolitan demographics by state.