Victimhood and Subjectivity

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Reading the blog Microagressions is a good way of understanding the hyper-specialized mores of PC discourse. Interestingly enough, the dominant Eurocentric/hetero/male culture no longer seems to be the central bugbear. Instead, the Microaggrieved are more concerned with assumptions based on lived experience. Take for instance this post:

The sentiment here is not anti male. Instead, the outrage is that a self defense class would be of primary interest to women, despite the fact women are more likely to need training in self defense due to the fact that they are physically weaker and much more likely to be victims of sexual assault and rape. As such, the aggrievement is with simple facts.

Here is another one:

Again, the gynecologist's comment was in no way judgemental of the aggrieved's sexuality. Rather, the question pertains to the possibility of STDs which are generally spread between male and female sex organs. It's not medically relvant to note the Sexual Identity of the patient if it precludes the risk of STDs. Of course, lesbians can contract STDs, it's just far less likely than it is for heterosexuals, bisexuals and homosexual men. As such, it is the denial of a what if that is the source of the aggrievement. The lesson to be learned then is that the failure to note any anomaly is a legitimate source of victimization. As such, the problem is reality.


Read: a standardized test didn't give me the option to choose a made up gender identity = legitimate outrage.

And finally, lets hear from the new victim group on the rise:

Niccolo and Donkey
Bob Dylan Roof

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Check out this incoherent poast:

I don't understand this new "settler colonialist" shibboleth. The behavior isn't exclusive to whites. When the Aztecs encountered an independent community that resisted their dominion, they would perpetrate a bloody massacre, flay the warriors and fashion drums out of their skins, and then parade around town beating their new instruments.

The takeaway from all of this is that the peculiar nature of the American academy allows semi-literate professional victims to occupy sinecures and disseminate unreality to successive cohorts of naive young adults who mortgage their lives to the Federal Government in exchange for four years of . Ethnic Studies departments should be shut down on efficiency grounds for cannibalizing the futures of ostensibly functional young adults.


The seething resentment is palpable here. Anonymous internet lesbian feels like her premeditated alternative lifestyle choice should elicit more interest and attention. But alas, even the gyno doesn't care that her sexual encounters consist in jamming plastic and rubber objects into her cunt.

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The sentiment Popfop describes seems to assume an anti-male/ european etc. ground, rather than being something different in kind. The nihilistic rejection of essential natures and categories allows for this "microaggressive" world of absurd particularity based on nothing but occasional whim.