Masculine and Feminine Peoples

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Bronze Age Pervert

Nietzsche on this problem; note that the feminine peoples and genius may well be superior...

There are two kinds of genius: one which above all breeds and desires to breed, and another which is happy to let itself be fertilized and give birth. In just the same way, there are among peoples of genius those to whom the female problem of pregnancy and the secret task of shaping, maturing, and perfecting have been assigned—the Greeks, for example, were a people of this kind, like the French—and there are others who have to fertilize and become the origin of new orders of life—like the Jews, the Romans, and, one could ask in all modesty, the Germans?—People tormented and enchanted by unknown fevers and irresistibly driven outside themselves, in love with and lusting after foreign races (after those who “let themselves be fertilized”—) and thus obsessed with mastery, like everything which has a knowledge of itself as full of procreative power and thus “by the grace of God.” These two types of genius seek each other out, like man and woman, but they also misunderstand each other—like man and woman.
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Well, then the west is begging to get fucked, innit?
Sad, like those leathery almost infertile women prowling the sunny beaches of third world nations, lotion in hand.
Take that as a metaphor for the desert adventures of nato, if you like.