Reason Radio Network Interview with James Bowery of Majority Rights

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Bob Dylan Roof

James Bowery is a pioneer in IT, inventing the world’s first virtual reality in 1974. Anticipating the potential of computer networking to bypass mass media, he assisted in development of the PLATO network . However, CDC ’s management and Wall Street connections were unwilling to pursue the mass market in 1982. He moved on to develop the first electronic newspaper in the US with online shopping and banking at Knight-Ridder. There, he pursued development of what are now called blogs, but was stopped by the management as it would have allowed consumers to provide content which bypassed editorial control of Knight-Ridder . This alerted him to the issue of hostile media control. In subsequent work, he headed a commission, a grassroots campaign to reform US technology policy in 1990 , to coordinate private launch services with N.A.S.A. in order to fund the space program. Noting that the D.C. insiders who thwarted this plan were Jewish and a pattern in that Jewish interests had stood in the way of his prior projects as well, he began seeing the connection to a deeper problem.
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