Battle Hymn of the "Eagle Dad"

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From the Daily Mail.

I got this off Steve Sailer's website. Sailer describes the interviewee as "some deplorable Chinese father tormenting his kid," but check it out for yourselves.

His mother wants him to be normal. I want him to be exceptional: 'Eagle Dad' of boy pictured running nearly naked through New York gives extraordinary interview

It showed a crying three-year-old Chinese boy forced to exercise in the snow in just his underpants. Posted on the internet by his father, the video of little He Tide shivering in -13C (9F) conditions while pleading for a hug has now been seen by millions and has sparked a worldwide debate about parenting.
For most, it amounted to child abuse. But some, muttering about how today’s children are mollycoddled, even thought there was some merit to this extreme form of tough love.
Now The Mail on Sunday has traced the boy’s father, businessman He Liesheng, who yesterday declared himself unmoved by the firestorm. He explained that the snow ordeal – which he filmed during a holiday in New York – was simply a small part of his extraordinary child-rearing regime for the son he has nicknamed Duo Duo – or ‘more more’. If all goes to plan, it will get him into a top university by the age of ten.
The father himself revels in the name Eagle Dad. He said: ‘Like an eagle, I push my child to the limit so he can learn how to fly.’
However, He Liesheng concedes that his techniques have strained his marriage, saying: ‘His mother just wants him to be a normal boy but I want him to be exceptional.’

Pictures that sparked a world-wide debate: Little Duo Duo nearly naked in the snow on a New York street

The Mail on Sunday tracked down the self-styled ‘Eagle Dad’ to Nanjing in eastern China for his first interview with foreign media. In a striking example of the pressure exerted on children in modern China by the country’s strict one-child policy and its ‘get rich’ mentality, Mr He, 44, said that he believed his approach should help his son win an early place in a leading university – possibly, he hoped, China’s top-flight Tsinghua University.

Duo Duo – who turned four yesterday and, according to his father, is already showing signs of being a genius – has started classes in an elite private primary school where the youngest pupil is meant to be six.

His hours after school and at weekends, meanwhile, are filled with an exhaustive timetable of hill climbing, swimming, skiing, skating, chess and martial arts classes aimed at making him clever, strong and fearless.

His father obsessively micro-manages his life with meticulously detailed weekly schedules that cover every minute of his day, from the moment he wakes at 6am to bedtime at 8.30pm.

The schedule includes motivation sessions during which his parents deliver a series of special phrases – written by Mr He – to Duo Duo on a daily basis to encourage him to improve himself.

The approach has caused a rift between Mr He and his wife, He Longhui, 34 – but he denies that their marriage is in jeopardy,

Drawing a bizarre parallel with the US troops sent to kill Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan last year, Mr He said: ‘Those troops were specially trained – they were the elite. In the same way, I believe the way I am raising my son will make him special and better than everyone else.’
Give me twenty: Duo Duo does push ups in the snow

Duo Duo’s plight emerged after the family spent a winter break in New York, where the boy went to kindergarten for three months as part of his tailor-made education. On the morning of January 22 – Chinese New Year’s Eve – he was sent outdoors to run in the snow.
Speaking at his ornately decorated European-style apartment – which has a picture of Mr He meeting Chinese president Hu Jintao on one wall and a gilt-edged print of Napoleon Bonaparte on horseback on another – the wealthy businessman said: ‘I did it for three reasons.
‘First, I wanted to do something to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Second, I did it because China is developing very fast and I wanted to show that if a child can accept this kind of extreme education when they are young, they can overcome any difficulties the future might hold. And third, I did it because I want Duo Duo to be strong.’

Rows: Liesheng and Duo Duo pictured with the child's mother, Longhui. Liesheng admits he sometimes quarrels with his wife over his child-rearing priorities

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