Paper Tigers-- Stunted Offspring of the "Tiger Mom"

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President Camacho

So recently Jeremy Lin, a Chinese-American point guard from Harvard, has been lighting it up for the NY Knicks, averaging 30+ ppg as the Knicks have won five straight games with him starting. Naturally the prospect of an Asian pro basketball player-- especially a native-born skill player, not an alien gargantuan like Yao Ming-- has lit up the editorial columns. I was reading one of these that linked to a very good NY Mag article from last year that exposed the "Tiger Mom" and the traditional Asian upbringing as leaving Asians woefully unprepared to do battle with Whites (and Jews) in the real world.

Because Salo is a peer-reviewed research forum, we have of course already dissected and analyzed this phenomenon here before. But it is interesting to hear it confirmed anecdotally from Asians themselves.

I recommend everyone to read the full article, but as it is 11 pages long and likely tl;dl for most, I have copied some good bits here:

Paper tigers
What happens to all the Asian-American overachievers when the test-taking ends?
By Wesley Yang


A young Asian graduate (surname: "Mao" lol) of Stuyvesant the author interviews (typical Asian who got great grades but has since stagnated professionally) recalls how azns got crushed by Whites and Jews in the social hierarchy:
Another top-notch Asian student recounts his first encounter in the professional world, and learns of the "bamboo ceiling":
The "Bamboo Ceiling":
If the US is 5% Asian and only 0.3% of Asians are corporate officers, that means they are underrepresented by a factor of almost 17.

Even negroes, at around 11% of the population, could probably maintain 1% of all upper management slots ("the talented tenth") even in a hypothetical meritocracy in which AA was abolished... this would indicate that Asians may have the least potential for leadership of any ethnic group in America. There would be proportionately (relative to Asians) far fewer blacks at the lower and middle levels of white-collar employment, but the truly "talented tenth" isn't promotionally constrained by the complete lack of social/leadership skills that Asians exhibit.

Asians are natural coolies:
President Camacho
Part 2

Luckily for NOWAGS, some Asians are working overtime to correct these deficiencies, and have even developed academies dedicated to addressing them. A "career advancement" seminar for azn professionals, for example:
There is even an Asian Roissy who fleeces NOWAGs:
J.T. Tran

I've been around Koreans a lot and have some observations about them, at least the Chicago Koreans.

-Korean immigrants tend to be of two types, generally.

1) Working class guys who came to America to escape the relative stagnation of Oriental society, but once arriving, remain entirely insular, enjoy the fruits of ordinary labor that they wouldn't in the old country, and behave generally like ''normal'' (controlling for cultural idiosyncracies) individuals. Their kids sometimes go to college, sometimes they don't. These guys don't mix with White people much nor do they want to. They drive cabs, run storefront restaurants, own liquor stores, and things of that sort. These guys hugely revere the military and if they served in the old country with ROK forces, they make a big deal out of it and will often join fraternal societies for ROK veterans and spend the weekend nights they aren't going to church getting drunk at these things with their pals and howling at the moon. They tend to run their households with rigid discipline and put a premium on personal toughness and hard work for its own sake rather than prestige in the demands they place on their sons.

2) The Korean equivalent of faggot strivers who are singularly obsessed with status for its own sake but don't really apprehend the manner in which it accrues. These guys are solidly middle management or professionals (optometrists, dentists, engineers) and absurdly class conscious. They're fixated on the trappings of good breeding but they view it like building a resume. These guys are often pussywhipped nerds whose wife rules the roost. They emphasize things like schoolwork and training in classical music and living in a socially prestigious zipcode as an end in itself, but its an entirely autistic viewpoint. They think culture and achievement and intellectual competence is a game of go or some kind of scorekeeping endeavor where the man with the highest quantifiable measure of intelligence is the best man. Furthermore, they lack an sense of the fact that a complex, savagely competitive marketplace in an advanced society favors audacity, innovation, and men who are (as base) actors not technicians. One way to think of it is that if Shakespeare were an Oriental faggot striver, he never would have written The Tempest - he would have simply devoted every waking hour to memorizing the Dictionary. Ultimately, what is lost on these people is that the Aryan and Jew elites that they desperately want to emulate are getting by on innate intelligence, cunning, and a peculiar type of charisma which is valued in the present age. These elite kids likely study less than most people because to them schoolwork is easy.

In short, the Oriental prole is substantially more ''alpha'' than his faggot co-ethnics with Ivy League dreams.

Important story:

A soulless robot ant-person is quick to fact-check:
Do robot chinks cry electric tears?

Pancake-faced coolie invader overhears White man call a nip colleague a "chinaman" as a joke, blogs about this microaggression at Wall Street Journal.

To be fair, it must be naturally intimidating for all nowags to be in a locker room with real men who have body hair and normal-sized dicks.
Basically it's a cultural Marxist - foreign cultural - multicultural problem. Hollywood sells to extremes and 'oddballs', while the top man is handicapped by the middle man. This makes sense given the mass even world market and given that that the Yiddish and deviants are looking at Western society from the outside in.

I was always stupified by Hollywood movies, as my school experience was a tight hierarchy lead by waspish, academic socialites usually the sons and daughters of local businessmen, doctors, etc. They tended to be interested in 'white' water sports and tennis. Tomorrow's success stories are from this group - if just by economic succession and rearing, but also genetics-attractiveness-phenotype - and occasionally unexpressed talent from the middle rung who are confused in moving pictures for deviants, the ugly or plain.

The various goths, hipsters, Japanese aficionados and so on of one's high school are tomorrow's cultural Marxists and autistic nerdotarian antifa. Some of the meanest and clique obsessed without 'hidden value' were those of the 'deviant' cliques. These people reach success later by reforming their values or by creating movies about how much they hate high school.