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President Camacho

Poast anecdotes about your hometown's reputation, cultural image, etc.


From Dan Rottenberg's book, "The Man Who Made Wall Street":

British traveler Alexander Mackay, 1846:
(Reference to Dickens' character "Sam Pecksniff", a snobbish, insular asshole.)

19th c. Philadelphia lawyer Sidney George Fisher:
Of course Anthony Drexel-- Phila native and son of a Bohemian Catholic immigrant-- forged a banking empire built on Aryan principles of trust, loyalty, and fair dealing while converting to Episcopalianism to cement his spot in the city's elite. He then fiercely cuckolded New York when he bought a piece of real estate in NYC as a gift that would serve as his junior partner J.P. Morgan's new office-- and eventually the epicenter of what would become "Wall Street":
LOL @ ragtag NYC kike brokerage houses that Drexel could have crushed like Hitler crushed them 70 years later. U mad cuz u always getting 'cucked by Bohemian krauts?

Philly > NYC
Bob Dylan Roof