Choose a historical person who serves as your ethical model

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President Camacho

This an essay my [Judisch] professor assigned me as part of a "Business Ethics" course.

Think of a person you admire for their moral or ethical behavior. The person can be someone you know, an historical figure, or a famous individual who is alive today. In two double-spaced, type-written pages, describe who the person is and explain why you consider them to be an ethical model. Use specific examples of their actions to support your choice. Also, explain those instances from your perspective and how the person and his/her actions have impacted your life .

Ernst Juenger? Cincinnatus? George Washington? STEVE JOBS?

This thread is open for ideas. It is my last term in skrewl and I am not worried about offending professors, nor have I ever really been. I'm not going to "take the piss" as the Brits say and write this on Gandhi or Mother Theresa.

However Anders Breivik is not an option...


Cato the Younger; his suicide is inspiring. A defender of the Republic, Cato, when it was clear that the Empire had achieved victory, fell upon his sword. His doctor rushed to Cato's aid, but determined to die, he unspooled his bowels from his gaping wound, and perished rather than be saved.


The recently deceased Manuel Fraga Iribarne (1922-2012). Francoist man of power, machiavellian fake democrat, scholar, gourmet, and fellow Galician.



President Camacho
Cato is a good choice, certainly the integrity of his motives were unquestionable, though I question the end to the means. I find him tragic in the same sense as Pat Buchanan... dedicated his life to defending ideals that had been rendered impossible by the times, ultimately kicked to the curb by the same enemies he tried to remain civil with.

John Brown; he propagandized, killed, and was killed for a cause he felt to be just, without any promise of it ever benefiting him but at great costs to himself in addition to death. Anyone that does this can not lead a meaningless or condemnable life, and so regardless of whether I agree with them or not in their cause or methods, I admire OBL and Che also.
It's critical that they didn't have to do it and had no profit motive. A coup or revolt leader who stands to take the throne or a man who fights only because he has no other option is noble still, but less.... William Wallace, George Washington.

Bob Dylan Roof

Adolf Hitler

Or maybe some of our transmen in uniform who courageously shuffle papers every day in a cis-dominated field.

Janet Wolfenbarger, 4-star general in the Air Force

Indra, the Aryan God, for blowing away with supernatural might from earth and from the heavens the black skin, which Indra hates.


Smedley Butler.

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Genghis Khan. I especially liked it when he had some prefix-crat who had the audacity to conduct himself with some gravitas in his presence stuffed into a bag and trod to death by horses. It's the only way to roll. Isn't like 5 % of humanity related to him or somesuch?

I fully intend to bestow upon myself the title of Khan or even Great Khan in the future. It is a honorary title that is easy to remember and chant in great numbers.


Bill Anderson. He didn't kill women or children.
Fox Mulder, forever chasing the Higher Truth of otherworldy aryan being

Also he's a fellow Jew