CULTURAL MARXISM: The Corruption of America

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A James Jaeger film, featured experts Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, G. Edward Griffin, Edwin Vieira and Ted Baehr explore the love affair with collectivist ideologies that has lead to ever bigger government and the welfare-warfare state. Find out how the Frankfurt School, a Marxist splinter group, established itself at Columbia University and began "the long march through the institutions." The idea was, and still is, to infiltrate every corner of Western culture and pervert traditional Christian values with "political correctness" and Marxist ideologies. The ultimate goal is to destroy American free-enterprise capitalism by undermining its economic engine, the Middle Class, and the basic building block of society: the Family Unit.

Using words like cultural marxism, instead of Jews, won't help anybody.

Niccolo and Donkey
Nonsense. To ascribe it all to Jews is the domain of fucktards.
Marxism is hardly universal or exclusive to Jews, or even beneficial to the common Jew in all places and times. However, when right wing gentiles, often libertarian, speak of Marxism, multiculturalism, feminism, secularism, the banking elite, the internationalists, and so on... they're talking about a pack of elite Jews who're going about making pacts with individualist but powerful gentiles against the old order. Don't pretend the whole edifice isn't a Jew pizza with gentile toppings.