Your opinion on self-help?

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In a desperate move to eradicate all the mental barriers between me and huge amounts of money, I have immersed myself in self-help literature. I read about it all the time, listen to audiobooks, do the exercices they recommend, etc.

I'd like to know other member's experiences/opinions about self-improvement in general, plus your take on the following particular concepts which form the core of this philosophy:

- Thoughts are things : The total sum of our thoughts is our character. We have total control over our thoughts, so by thinking certain things we can radically transform ourselves and become superhuman.

-Tolerance is very good : We shouldn't obsess about the supposed evils in the world, but concentrate on improving ourselves and our immediate environment. The best way to do that is to become a serene, powerful, rich individual who has great influence and people respect.

-Morality is the way to riches: Although some recent authors take a more amoral path, the classics of New Thought (Napoleon Hill, James Allen, Prentice Mulford, etc.) stress the importance of honesty, hard work, good will, patience, etc., in the quest to obtain riches. We can also acquire money in deceitful ways, but we will lose our serenity and therefore we won't enjoy it.

Bob Dylan Roof
I can't tell if you're trolling. The way to riches is through native intelligence, irrational self-confidence, social skills (the ability to manipulate others), self-discipline, audacity, and fortitude. Tolerance is a slave concept that pacifies would-be competitors and prepares them for domination by truly successful people (like the jews).

Most of the extremely rich self-made individuals I have met, with the exception of a few IT nerds, have been tyrannical assholes.

Roland is correct, to be tolerant implies a desire to rectify moral discrepancies, not a disregard for evil. I believe the concept that Cornelio has in mind is actually "icy detachment", which is, in fact compatible with being alpha.

I disagree, nobody ever got rich by being fair, honest, and law-abiding. You've got to break eggs to make omelets and all of that.
Niccolo and Donkey

What you wrote is garbage. Throw out all those self-help books, tapes, etc. If you want to make money you need to do the following:

1. work for yourself, not for others.
2. exploit a niche that is either new or is not competitive in which case you can underbid on contracts to steal business
3. have your domestic life taken care of by a woman i.e. your gf
4. name the Jew

I'm fucked then.

Member 13

Cornelio is following one of the first rules of real self-help: deceive all of your possible competitors into embracing the least effective techniques for helping themselves, in order to minimize the number of people who even have access to the proper information which is required for success.


This a video my friend made for his fake YouTube channel, GetRealHelpNow .

Personally I feel that Self-Help is a materialist, deracinated form of auto mysticism and confidence trickery. It can have a Protestant variation in Joel Osteen, or be Holistic Debt Management. It's a method of creating a self illusion that makes it capable for one to achieve their desires. At root it is the same as Chaos Magick, a sort of psychoanalytic occultism which lets the subject implant the proper commands into their subconscious mind.
Agreed. So, in your opinion, it is a method that works, isn't it? A loser can be turned into a hard-working entrepreneur by using this techniques.
I think the best way to do this by creating your own system of self illusion, for lack of a better word. Any form of self improvement is mostly the discipline of getting into the right habits. The problem with following another's one-size-fits-all Self Help method is that one will inevitably become critical of this universalism and see it as codswallop. For instance, I think everyone on this forum will have a negative association with the word tolerance , so the gut reaction to hearing, "tolerance is very good" will be to associate Self Help with the larger politically correct, therapeutic culture and dismiss it.

As such, the coded messages we feed ourselves to improve our well being need to correspond to a subjective signifier. Here's an example: whenever I would get frustrated about something as a kid, my father would tell me to be a, "cool remove away." He was just quoting a folk song, but I internalized this phrase and now I associate it with the emotional detachment necessary to deal with hardships and failures.

Likewise, I find that Junger's Anarch is an appropriate model. This isn't subjective but it helps that Junger is a thinker and writer I greatly respect, something I certainly wouldn't say of a Tony Robbins (his simian features alone...).

I've nothing to contribute other than this quote from Juenger concerning the detatched, icy perspective of the Anarch:

"So, the English bombers come in 1944... I go to the top floor and watch the air attack. And maybe I'm looking through a champagne glass. It's a fraternal drink with death. It's anarch . It's the man who doesn't care at all about the people up there who want to cause fear or about the people on the ground who are afraid, but the man who's standing comforably at the window and looking: the strawberry crystallizes."