Unemployment and the Iberian Revolt

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Cadavre Exquis

The release of Eurozone unemployment figures for December 2011 today sheds light on a startling statistic: Spain and Portugal suffer the first and third highest youth unemployment rates in the region, at 48.7% (!) and 30.8%, respectively.

Though depressing, the situation should also be a cause for reflecting on the social, political and moral advances that can be gained for the traditionalist, anti-secular, anti-progressive cause. These young men and women, with little career prospects and ample access to the internet, are putty to be molded and minds to be weaponized! The prospect of turning this teeming mass into cadres of strong, agile warrior-monks that will usher in a New Dawn is awe-inspiring. The Iberian peninsula and its young people are ripe for revoltution!

You may laugh at the prospects of such a rabble* rising to the heights of glory, but you cannot deny the beauty of violent revolt against the modern world sweeping from the Rock of Lisbon all the way to the Urals, perhaps mirroring and reversing a different force that swept through Europe in the opposite direction some 95 years ago.

Even if this scenario does not come to pass, I still call on all Salotreans to contribute ways in which we as a community can accelerate and benefit from this tremendous and interesting situation.

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Bronze Age Pervert

I agree, but please change your avatar.

Porkchop Holocaust

I'm the 69,2%.

Fuck the poors.


Personally I am benefiting from this whole situation. As time goes by an the crisis deepens, I am becoming more and more depressed, with feelings of worthlessness haunting me even during my sleep (which takes most of the time of the day, so it's no joke) to the point where suicide doesn't seem like a grim alternative anymore. I drive everywhere with a hose and duct tape in the rear part of my van, and it's only a matter of time before I take the final step towards complete liberation.

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