Jews/Muds Will Genocide Whites or Be Genocided?

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Bronze Age Pervert

KMac and others claim that Jews want to dispossess whites in a few countries...if this is true, and if they are successful then the following passage by Machiavelli suggests that either they will have to kill whites or will eventually be on the receiving end of places like Britain if the native population is dispossessed by the immigrants and the elites they will strike back...the lesson is that nothing is more dangerous than to deprive a man of his patrimony but let him live:

Niccolo and Donkey
The analogy is problematic, simply because it presumes a strong majoritarian resistance to subversion by alien elements. One reason why the Jewish ascendancy has been possible in America is because political consciousness among Whites has been deteriorating as natural modes of authority have been dismantled. Spengler posited that the ''death cycle'' of Rome was detectable by the emergence of pacifism and as a civic virtue, the end of fecundity among Roman racial stock, and the elimination of the family as the primary basis of association between people. This is mirrored in America, overdone as analogies to Rome may be, and its coming about under more complicated historical circumstances. As political and economic life becomes increasingly unintelligible to common men by way of the scaled complexity of high finance, the elimination of labor, the dimunition of reliance upon multiple power hierarchies that derive their legitimacy from a belief in transcendent order, people become increasingly unable to discern what in fact their interests are (political or otherwise) and their connection to their own race and culture in an everyday sense becomes increasingly remote. Additionally, old stock common people (Protestants) in America recognize their own marginalization I believe but they have difficulty extricating their own racial interests from the comforting continued existence of formal institutions that were created by their forebears.


That was a theory I think of Parenti and some others in the treason camp during the Cold War, as well as Chomsky during the Vietnam era. They claimed that Fascism had been folded into the managerial system of the Free World as a kind of vanguard against cultural subversion. A kind of Operation Gladio writ large. If only that had been true.