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Ben S. Kanake

this is how you relax your delts after a heavy set of presses [​IMG]

p.s. give me access to the shoutbox and i'll post the rest of the session and some form and nutrition advice. ciao.

Ben S. Kanake

alright, so in this thread I will post my own broscience.

in my experience, bodyweight exercises like pullups and pushups can be trained 4-5 days/week without affecting your strength in other key exercises like the military press and bench press, as long as you don't do your sets to failure .

for example, suppose you can do a maximum of 40 pushups in a single set. good. well, a set of 20 should be easy. you can do 5 sets of 20 every day if you distribute them throughout the day: one set when you wake up, one set during lunch time, two during the afternoon and one before going to bed. a total of 100 pushups! that's a lot of volume.

it works for pullups too. if you don't have access to a pullup bar because you work in an office surrounded by stinky fat nerds who pick their noses and scratch their balls before greeting you with a limp handshake, then you can use The Ladder Method : suppose you can do a maximum of 10 pullups in a single set and you planned to do 4 sets of 5 pullups for a total volume of 20. well, now you are going to do 2 ladders of 4 sets: ladder 1 = 1x1, 1x2, 1x3, 1x4, ladder 2 = 1x1, 1x2, 1x3, 1x4. rest 20 seconds between each set and there you have your 20 volume pullups in a single session.

i wish you all the best sexy beasts.

Bob Dylan Roof

thanks ben. can you rate my routine

Day1 Biceps
1) Concentration curls
2) Preacher curls
3) Zottman curl
4) Ez bar standing curl
5) Arm roller
6) Planking , decline crunches

Day 2 Rest day run 20mins

Day 3 triceps
1) Diamond push up 3 x 12-15
2) Ez bar skull crusher
3) Tricep kick back
4) Bench dips
5) Air bicycle, side jack knife

Day 4 rest bike ride 20 mins easy

Day 5 legs /back
1) Jump squats 3 x 15
2) Squats
3) Romanian dead lifts
4) Leg extensions
5) Deadlifts
6) Leg curls
7) D bell row
8) Dumbbell over head row
9) Lying dumbbell shrug
10) Standing barbell shrug
11) Calve raises

Day 6 chest/shoulders
1) Push up 3x20
2) Bench press
3) Overhead barbell press
4) D.bell incline press
5) d/bell lying flyes
6) Arnold press
7) Bent over seated flyes
8) External rotation
9) Lying knee raises , butt ups

Day 7 rest

Day 8 posterior deltoids
1) face pull
2) reverse flys
3) reverse cable crossovers
4) chin rows

Day 9 Pectoralis inneris
1) dumbbell flys
2) close grip bench press
3) cable flys

Day 10 Upper abs
1) crunches
2) bosu ball crunches
3) bench crunches
4) yoga mat crunches
5) machine crunches
supersetted with
6) crunches

Day 11 Lower abs
1) leg raises
2) windshield wipers
3) dragon flags
4) weighted leg raises
5) assisted weight raises
6) donkey leg raises

Day 12 Calves
1) calf raises
2) donkey calf raises
3) machine calf raises
4) squat rack calf rises
5) squat rack donkey calf rises
6) trap bar mixed grip reverse bands and chains donkey calf raises in the power rack

Day 13 rest

day 15 forearms

weighted handle curls front twist
weighted handle curls back twist
dumbell front wrist curl
dumbell back wrist curl
dumbell side wrist curl
barbell front wrist curl
barbell back wrist curl
behind the back dumbell wrist curl
behind the back barbell wrist curl
dumbell iso grip
hand gripper
dumbell wrist twists
cable wrist curl front
cable wrist curl back

all 20 reps 6 sets

day 19 neck

close grip shrug
wide grip shrug
medium grip shrug
one armed shrugs
weighted head raise front
weighted head raise back
cable cross overs with handle inbewteen teeth

21 reps 7 sets

day 29 obliques
Side Plank
Exercise Ball Oblique Crunches
Oblique Crunches Knees Crossed
Oblique Crunches Feet Flat
Side Crunches
Bicycle Crunches
Standing Side Bends
Medicine Ball Russian Twist
Seated Russian Twist
Side Crunches on an Exercise Ball
Ball Oblique Side Rolls
Moving Side Planks
Hanging Oblique Knee Raises
Core Board Plank Twist with Knee Raises
Weighted Russian Twists
Side Planks with Twisting Crunches
Side V-ins
Star Sit Ups
Bosu Ball Russian Twists
Bosu Ball Oblique Side Crunches
Floor Side Leg Raises
Side Leg Raises on a Bosu Ball
Side Bends on a 45 Degree Slant Board
Bosu Ball Bicycle Crunches
Double Knees to the Side
Double Legs to the Side
Oblique Hip Thrusts
Dumbbell Overhead Side Bends
Medicine Ball Rotational Chest Pass
Cable Lifts
Cable Woodchoppers
Kneeling Cable Rotations
Half Kneeling Cable Rotations
Standing Cable Rotations
Side Oblique Heel Touches
Cable Side Bends (Standing and Kneeling)
Floor Cable Oblique Crunches
Stability Ball Oblique Crunches with Cables
Side Bends with Rotation
Medicine Ball Side Bends with Rotation
Incline Oblique Crunches
Incline Oblique Sit Ups
2 Arm Overhead Cable Side Bends
1 Arm Overhead Cable Side Bends
Seated Stability Ball Cable Rotations
Oblique Knee Raises on a Captain's Chair
Stability Ball Oblique Roll-ins

2 reps 89 sets

day 30: Upper face

weighted eyebrow raises
eyebrow declines to failure
supersetted with concentrated frowning - 2mins
power blinks
winks to failure
face scrunch.

50reps 50sets

day 31- eyes

chineese mock side pulls
japaneese mock side pulls
butterfly kisses
reverse butterfly kisses
cross eyes
lazy eyes

Day 94: Phallus

bent-over rear mlad crotchcruchers
Barbell Ballcrushers
Dumbell Ballcrushers
Testicular Deadlift
Testicular Arnold Press
Barbell Swiss Ball Shaft Press
Cable Cock Crossover

3 sets 34 reps

Ben S. Kanake

Yeah I've seen that routine before, here's the book reference if you're interested in similar programs:

AQUINAS, Thomas. Summa Aesthetica . Caput XXIII, Consilium VII "Vir Robustus".

Ben S. Kanake

alright gents I'd like to thank you for making my thread so popular and for all the e-cred.

here's a NSFW picture of the Führer being a Bäller (no it's not the blindfolded-Hitler-with-naked-chicks pic):

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