What do you think of Interracial Couples?

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Freedom of Choice id say, but not really my coup of tea. However in german people say "Wo die Liebe hinfällt" (engl Where love falls at). It means basically you dont know in who you will finally fall in love and maybe overthrow your principles.


" The individual has no right to destroy the community through his private choices. Part of preserving the community is guarding its racial basis"
-Alex Linder


Hi Clancy. I think i might know you from VNNF.

You're AG, correct?

yes im A.G.

Bulan The Khazar

A.G. is a GWM


Whenever I go to the department store I stop to inform all the interracial couples I find that they're failing to preserve their genetic and cultural legacy, and that by erasing ethno-societal boundaries they are empowering the Ashkenazi banking elite and ushering in a Kabbalist New World Order. If they let me, I ask them about their fathers and have found that this is the single greatest factor leading to interracial couples. It is the end of fatherhood, as authored by the same Jewish Occult, that has given rise to this phenomenon. I give them my card, they might give me their numbers, and I keep in touch to counsel them as they end their naive, degenerate coupling and go on to find partners of the same race. If they have interracial children, I put them in contact with an adoption agency that is really a kidnapping ring out of Oklahoma. Afterward I take my oreos and vitamin D milk to the checkout line with my subsidy card in hand.


Despite the liberal claim that low income, uneducated whites are all racists, they seem to be the largest group prone to miscegenation. From what I've observed on public transport, my guide to lumpen demographics, it's almost always a white female (often overweight) and a black male. One imagines that the shared experience of public assistance, low IQ and a love of gaudy comfort wear often provides the catalyst for this boundary shattering love. This pleases Maoist academics like Noel Ignatiev, one of the main proponents of the "whiteness is simply a social construct" meme. Here we see Ignatiev and David Starkey are essentially in agreement on the Negrification of the white underclass but coming away with differening opinions on the positives of this phenomena. Personally I will need to research this more to decide if a loss of collective dignity coupled with the adoption of canine characteristics (sans the loyalty) is indeed a sign of social liberation or just another step towards moral and physical cretinism.

Bob Dylan Roof
Historically, miscegenation was confined to the merchant and dynastic classes that could afford the luxury of, and found political and economic advantage in, out-group marriage. That the most indigent, city-dwelling populations have now reversed this phenomenon speaks primarily to the decline of the authority of family, village, and tribe, and the rise of managerial/government welfare. The three branches of government have inserted themselves into every authority that had an interest in preserving relative genetic homogeneity and, through the use of police and spending power, destroyed any incentives against out-group marriage.