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Bob Dylan Roof
Investment Firm Y Combinator Goes on Offensive Against Hollywood

After the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect Intellectual Property Act were shelved on Friday , some Web sites and venture capitalists went on the offensive against the people and companies behind the controversial piracy bills.
Y Combinator, an early stage investment company, announced on its Web site that it planned to finance start-up companies that would go after Hollywood and the movie industry .
Referring to Hollywood, Y Combinator wrote: ” The people who run it are so mean and so politically connected that they could do a lot of damage to civil liberties and the world economy on the way down. It would therefore be a good thing if competitors hastened their demise .” :jew:
The blog post, which was titled “ Kill Hollywood ,” also offered advice to start-ups and entrepreneurs who wanted to help to hasten its demise. Suggestions included developing start-ups that created new ways to produce and distribute shows, and games that were similar to traditional shows but were more interactive.
Marco Arment , a developer and the founder of Instapaper, wrote a similar post on his Web site , stating that people needed to fight back against Hollywood after it managed to get the piracy bills into Congress.
“Such ridiculous, destructive bills should never even pass committee review ,” Mr. Arment wrote. The real problem, he added, is “the MPAA’s buying power in Congress,” a reference to the Motion Picture Association of America. “This is a campaign finance problem.”
Niccolo and Donkey

This is both tremendous and interesting.


Agreed. How this plays out will be huge. MASSIVE changes coming in the media/entertainment world. For example, when Rupert finally carks it, expect News to be broken up and much of it sold off.


The average person in their 20's in younger uses torrents and free video/music sites on a regular basis. We no longer have a firm belief in copyright for music/movies. People tend to tip-toe around the issue because they don't want to sound too drastic in calling for an end to copyright for these things, but the intent is there.

The Internet has started to win this war.


People believe in copyright in the right sense. They won't pay overinflated prices to buy a band's music, but will pay to hear it live. They wouldn't pay to hear a cover band. Movies though, that's where the everything should be free model breaks down.

That's about live performance. That's got nothing to do with "copyright" and more to do with authenticity and recognizing the originator. There is an argument that this is the original intent of copyright, but copyright isn't that anymore.

For blockbuster films, yes. Everything still happens.
Bobby Bermuda

How big is the Big Jew? Let's get guns.

President Camacho
I'm not really familiar with the dynamics of Murdoch's company... could you elaborate as to why you think it won't outlive his death?
The institutional investors hate the current make up. If they could, they break it up and sell it off right now. They are attempting to do so at the moment but will fail again.

Essentially Murdoch has a two tiered share ownership structure according to voting rights - one him and shareholding, another for everyone else.