Rig Veda and Ancient Hindu Texts

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-For the Vedic Aryans Gora Skin (fair complexion,light brown or olive) were the most important Characteristic.

The first among Vedic Gods, Indra King of Gods was described as having brown and golden skin.

In the RV 1.65 reads, "SAKRA, who is the purifier (of his worshipers), and well-skilled in horses, who is wonderful and golden-bodied."Rig Veda also reads that Indra "is the dancing god who, clothed in perfumed garments, golden-cheeked rides his golden cart." One passage calls him both brown and yellow.[6] "Him with the fleece they purify, brown, golden-hued, beloved of all, Who with exhilarating juice goes forth to all the deities"

-Rudra was als described as having tawny skin


5 May I with praise-songs win that Rudra's favour who is adored with gifts and invocations.
Ne’er may the tawny God, fair-checked , and gracious, swifthearing, yield us to this evil purpose.

-Sometimes described as reddish brown like the God Agni.

Hymn 3.1.3 reads of Agni, "Bull, who beholdest men, through many mornings , among the dark ones shine forth red , O Agni."

- Another important Characteristic of the earliest Brahmins and Aryans in India is Black Hair

Source: Atharva Veda.6.137.2
>> May thy hairs grow as reeds, may they cluster, black , about thy head!

Source: Atharva Veda.6.137.3
>> Brahmins have strong black hair .

Source: Dharma-Sutra 1:2
>> Let him [the Brahmin Priest] kindle the sacrificial fire while his hair is still black

--Budda described as an Archetype of an Arya


Other Characteristics ascribed to the Buddha by Vasishta ForumBiodiversity

I. He has feet with level tread. This is one of the marks of a great man.
II. On the soles of his feet are wheels complete with felloe and hub.
III. He has projecting heels.
IV. He has long fingers and toes.
V. He has soft and tender hands and feet.
VI. His hands and feet are net-like.
VII. He has high-raised ankles
VIII. His legs are like an antelopes.
IX. Standing and without bending, he can touch and rub his knees with either hand.
X. His male organs are enclosed in a sheath.
XI. His complexion is bright, the color of gold.
XII. His skin is delicate and so smooth that no dust can adhere to his body.
XIII. His body hairs are separate, one to each pore.
XIV. His body hair--
XV. --grow upwards, bluish-black like collyruim, growing in rings to the right.
XVI. His body is divinely straight
XVII. He has the seven convex surfaces.
XVIII. The front part of his body is like a Lion’s.
XIX. There is no hollow between his shoulders.
XX. He is proportioned like a banyan-tree: his height is as the span of his arms.
XXI. His bust is evenly rounded.
XXII. He has a perfect sense of taste.
XXIII. He has jaws like a lions
XXIV. He has forty teeth.
XXV. His teeth are even.
XXVI. There are no spaces between his teeth.
XXVII. His canine teeth are very bright.
XXVIII. His tongue is very long.
XXIX. He has a Brahma-like voice, like that of the Karavika-bird.
XXX. His eyes are deep blue.
XXXI. He has eyelashes like a cow’s.
XXXII. The hair between his eyebrows is white, and soft like cotton down.
XXXIII. His head is like a royal turban.​