Talk about sour grapes! Wine store owner lashes out at customer

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and 'creates a website calling her an embezzling prostitute with a drug addiction'

By Meghan Keneally

A woman who wrote a bad review about a wine class online was left with more than just a bad taste in her mouth after the store-owner allegedly set up a website bashing her because of her harsh comments.

Cecelia Groark posted a poor review on Yelp after her seat was given up at a local wine tasting class in Albany Park, Chicago.

She said that after having purchased a ticket for the class through online voucher service Groupon, her seat was given away without any notice.

Ever the salesman: After receiving a bad review, Krunch Kretschmar set up a blog bashing the woman, calling her a drug addict and prostitute

On November 16, Ms Groark took to her keyboard to express her dissatisfaction, saying that 'I'm extremely frustrated and would not recommend anyone buy this in the future'.

Krunch Kretschmar, who owns the wine store called Bottled Grapes, responded in kind, saying that he did in fact send her two emails saying that her seat was going to be given away.

But he didn't stop there.

His rant continued with him telling her to 'GROW UP' and to 'take responsibility for your lack of consideration for me the Others who follow the directions'.

On top of that, he allegedly created a blog in her name the following day and her new lawsuit says the outlandish claims he posted about her online.

'Cecelia['s] troubles began when she started Embezzling from her last employer to support her drug addiction,' the suit claims the blog boasted.

No customer service skills: Mr Kretschmar publicizes his wine-pairing classes through discount service Groupon in an effort to get new customers

'While her treatment in the Cook County jail did little to help her, she is continuing to fight her demons every day. Now turning to the oldest profession to gain the funds need[ed] to support her habits, she is now trying to turn a new leaf. We wish her well,' the blog supposedly said.
Elite: Mr Kretschmar says that he is one of 24 expert certified sommeliers in America

Though Mr Kretschmar admitted to the Chicago Sun Times that he made the blog, he promptly took all of the accusations down shortly after the row gained media attention.

Mr Kretschmar, who calls himself one of the world's 24 International Grand Confrerie Sommeliers, made sure that Ms Groark was fully aware of what he had done, sending her an email with the link and a message saying 'Now every time a company for a job or someone searches YOU on google they will read my side of the story'.

The angry owner played dumb when he was questioned about his motives, however, telling the Sun Times that 'I basically set up a blog, but if you click on it there's nothing there now'.

Ms Groark is now suing for $650,000 in damages because of the 'malicious and false statements' Mr Kretschmar made saying that it defamed her and caused emotional distress.

In spite of the trouble that the last Groupon special caused him, Mr Kretschmar still promoted a new version of the $40 Groupon deal over his Twitter account over a month after the incident with Ms Groark, calling it the 'best deal' on the coupon site.
This fraud was probably buttraped by the Rotshchilds.