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I need a quality text-to-voice software. I need to be able to enter text and have it read by a natural sounding voice that I can edit the sound of (make it female, make it male, make it high or low, etc).

It's for teaching my English classes.

I will pay in krok.


TextEdit which comes with any basic Apple computer has this option. You can have the Stephen Hawking voice, of course, "Fred", or more human sounding voices like "Bruce", "Victoria" or the sultry "Vicki". Just highlight the text and hit Command + J.

Alas, I do not have an Apple Computer.

I need to be able to write dialogue and narratives, and have them read back in multiple character voices, preferably voices I can customize/edit.

"How are you?" :male voice 1:
"I'm fine. I'm making hamburgers." :female voice 3:
"Oh, delicious!" :male voice 1:
"I'll have a hamburger, please." :boy voice 8:

That kind of thing. I could take these in to school on my laptop like a good SWPL and it would be like inventing the spinning jenny for my classroom application exercises.
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