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My unemployment subsidy has been discontinued, and besides some minimal, under-the-table income, I am not making any money now.

I've been looking for a job with insistence for three months, but the situation is pretty bad in Valencia, and for someone like me who's a foreigner it's almost impossible to get employment.

I am a pretty decent pool technician. I can offer all the services related to pools, from the easiest stuff like cleaning it to all the technical stuff related to the pumps, filters, pipes, automatic dosage systems, water chemistry, etc. For a place like Spain I am an elite professional in this field, where shoddy workers abound. Once I get started in something, I am also hard-working, punctual, organized, and polite. I've been doing similar stuff for years, all under the table.

The initial investment wouldn't be great. I already have a van big enough, almost all the tools I need, etc. Let's say 1500-2000 EU tops, for the paperwork and some tools, materials, and marketing. I have some savings plus a reliable line of credit (from a relative).

My services would be aimed at rich people. The middle clash is disappearing, especially here in Valencia where all the wealth came from the construction bubble. Few middle class homes will open their pools next summer, and those who do will mantain it themselves. However, thanks to widespread corruption we still have a lot of rich people around here. I could market my services to them and get costumers. Probably I would only cover costs/make a little money the first year, but from the second on it would be better.

With all this in mind, should I do it? Or is society so fucked up that I would do better putting my money elsewhere and keep trying to get any kind of shitty job to survive? I am more concerned about the general economical situation than about the feasibility of my plan as a business in itself (the plan is simple as a fucking baby's rattle).

Any kind of related rants or advice would be welcome.

Open your business. If it flops, you must go on Jihad. That's how I make all my plans, "If fail at IRL, buy plane ticket to Beirut, visit the mosque, advertise my intentions so to get recruited, let them smuggle me into Homs."

Can you mooch off your parents? That's what I do when worst comes to worst. :D

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The answer is simple:

Visit these people with pools, lock up contracts, and then invest. Don't waste any money if the market is not there. Do your market research, get a couple of contracts, and your money is therefore secured.