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Samuel von Pufendorf
Samuel von Pufendorf
Samuel von Pufendorf
Samuel von Pufendorf
Samuel von Pufendorf
Hamiltonian Republic, no written Constitution, absolute sovereignty vested in the Executive. Voting exclusive to White men over 35 years of age who have served in the national army, completed their mandatory service as executioners*, or who have been afforded a dispensation to vote by the President based on extraordinary service to the race and the State.
White Protestant, skewed in favor of German, English, Scottish, Scandanavian, French, Dutch and other easily assimilable peoples. Population limited to under 50 million. Non-White persons of high moral character (Jews excluded) would be free to live and work in America but would be denied any and all political rights and would be precluded from attaining citizenship.
National Socialist
North America
Present continental American borders.
*The executive branch will be supreme on all questions of policy, from national security to the defense of the racial, legal, and cultural constitution of the Republic and all conceivable challenges arising thereof. There will be no executive term limits. There will be no judicial review of any kind, but for permissive direct and collateral appeals on judgments rendered by local and state courts. Any Federal appeal must be appealed to the President, and relief may only be granted by Executive order or formal pardon. Congress would exist as a unicameral house of 50 jurists who act in an advisory capacity to the President and who are responsible for expediting the laws of the Republic in a timely and learned manner. These men would be selected from the judges in the several states who are nominated by sitting members of the several Bar associations to serve as Senators. Corruption will have only one penalty, which is death/

Every male citizen upon reaching his 18th birthday must avail himself to the military draft - the territorial army of the United States will be charged with all policing and national security and defense functions within the continental United States. From these ranks will be drawn an elite core of 50,000 men whose demonstrable acumen for martial life and fighting will afford them and opportunity to serve as part of the Presidential guard, a force responsible for Executive protection, ceremonial duties, as well as the spearpoint of armed forces in the event war becomes necessary to defend American borders from hostile ingress.

Male citizens who do not wish to be drafted can volunteer to serve as state executioners. Executioners will serve for two years upon reaching their 25th birthday and they will be responsible for carrying out the sentences of those persons convicted of infamous capital crimes, as well as carrying out the elaborate ceremonial duties (including execution of the condemned) that are required by the Senatorial Lottery. The Senatorial Lottery requires that every year on the first of the year, all Senators will have their names submitted to a lottery system in which one will be drawn, and the man who is drawn will be sentenced to death. This practice will function in a number of ways - it will habituate common people to the truly awesome and unknowable power the state and its sovereign dominion over life and death; it will enforce a spiritual equality among White people by demonstrating to them that any man, pauper or senator, can fall under the executioner's sword without regard to his station of birth or achievement, and finally, it will enforce the exclusion of power seekers who pursue senatorial office to advance their own personal wealth and power. To pursue office in the Republic is to risk a death sentence.

I would institute a eugenic technocracy, with myself as dictator for life. I would gradually roll back much of the present day managerial-state legal code, and institute new laws restricting reproductive freedom and allowing for more leeway for the institutionalized manipulation of the human genome, and the means to facilitate this such as involuntary medical experimentation. In short, I want to create a nation-race of Supermen.

My view is that the State's legal structure serves mostly a utilitarian role in that it is designed to manage the bottom half of the bell curve and prevent them from breaking stuff and wreaking too much havoc on everyone else. Once this population is decimated thru a systematic program of negative eugenics, then laws enshrining human moral axioms will become less relevant and many of them can be restructured or done away with.

Also, there will be krok dispensaries in every medium-sized town and larger.

Bob Dylan Roof

In the United States;
Direct Democracy, an amendment that requires all laws passed by the Federal Government and all rulings reached by the Supreme Court are put to public referendum every two years during Congressional and Presidential elections, and must be immediately repealed if they do not garner the approval of over 50% of voters.
Abolish Gerrymandering
Alternative Vote, rather than first past the post
Abolish the Senate
Abolish the Electoral College
Outlaw financial lobbying

From that point, the American people would deserve whatever the majority of them vote for, whether it's to their benefit or detriment. They could slide into any system they like, more or less socialism, more or less libertarianism, more or less taxes and spending, they could have whatever policies the majority of them want on abortion, gun rights, civil rights, foreign affairs, or any other matter.

I would advocate policies based on what has produced the best results in other countries. For the best health care system, I would copy France. For the best education, I would copy Finland. For the best air traffic security I'd copy El Al, and so on.