Map of Balkanized America

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Here's my map of Balkanized America. That is if SHTF and Des Moines gets nuked in 2012. I don't know where the blacks are going to go. I guess they will stay in the inner cities. Jacob Skunkola PHD predicts Des Moines going dark and getting nuked during the next false flag. :(

I have David Duke as tribal Chieftan of the North Western Republic and John De Nugent as Reverend Nuge of Solutrea. Nuge is Solutrea's spiritual compass and fuhrer. Santana parlayed his performance with Justin Bieber into becoming the first El Presidente of Aztlan. As for the rest of us we all end up in FEMA camps for our thought crimes under a second term of Obamanation.
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What's going on in Oklahoma?


Minnesota becomes Manitoba II?