What kind of woman would you like to meet? (we begin with Thomas777)

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What kind of woman would you like to meet and possibly settle down with?

Let's start with Thomas:

[​IMG] Thomas777 : I'd certainly get involved with an Iranian or Arab woman if she fit the bill psychologically. I've made that point to people and some of my WN friends chide me over it but they're simpleminded. I'd like virago types who are agressive but not materialistic. Genuine misfit toys who have masculine traits that are positive. I hate twats in pant-suits who eat all the time and love money. I also dislike ultra-feminine hysterical females. I'd like to meet a German or Iranian girl who pumps iron and hates kikes
Niccolo and Donkey

Every Rightist is at base a romantic. And all romantics, whether they can admit it or not, harbor a desire to see themselves in a womans' eyes.

From D.H. Lawrence, Women in Love:

There was something northern about him that magnetised her. In his clear northern flesh and his fair hair was a glisten like sunshine refracted through crystals of ice. And he looked so new, unbroached, pure as an arctic thing. . . . “His totem is the wolf,” she repeated to herself...He was one of these strange white wonderful demons of the north, fulfilled in the destructive frost mystery. And was he fated to pass away in this knowledge, this one process of frost-knowledge, death by perfect cold.

The white races, having the Arctic north behind them, the vast abstraction of ice and snow, would fulfill a mystery of ice-destructive knowledge, snow-abstract annihilation.

Bronze Age Pervert

Kill all women.


Smart, funny, doesn't break mirrors, not obsessed with cash, preferably not Australian.


My gf (who is basically the reason I haven't killed myself yet) aside, I would like a

I started the post with that line, then I realized I cannot imagine myself with any other woman. I haven't met a girl I'm attracted to since my going out at night days, and my perceptions in those times where skewed by kalimotxo . I see incredibly beautiful women every day, walking down the street -- this is Spain after all. But when you meet them you realize you wouldn't want to spend not even the next five minuted with them. This might also stem from a lack of testosterone on my part.


Pretty, well dressed, moneyed, has a busy schedule that allows me time to post on Salo without being interrupted.


5'2" - 5'10"
<26 BMI
Teeth that a dentist wouldn't think to recommend more than a regular flossing or a couple fillings
All the parts featured in a standard Gray's Anatomy of the adult human female, and nothing more (tonsils or appendix removed excepted)
A face that ordinary people would be at a loss to explain if she were to have cosmetic surgery on it ("Did you hear she had plastic surgery." should be responded to with "She did?! For what?" rather than "Ah, yeah, well, does she look better now?")
Exclusive sexual fidelity following our first intercourse
No STD's, no history of being paid for sex, of lesbianism, bestiality, pedophilia, necrophilia, or any other illicit sexual activity, no history of mental illness, of alcoholism or drug addiction, of child, elderly or animal abuse/neglect
Not mentally or physically disabled
A normal female haircut and clothes, typical American grooming habits

Otherwise I'm receptive provided she's friendly with me and mutually attracted.


I cook, clean, rear children and let my husband play his computer games, because I also play games. I think I'm the only woman who owns almost all of Stanislaw Lem's books. I don't need much sleep. I have big tits. I am all for the death penalty. Edit: I was a virgin when I met my husband.

After 12 years, husband still gets it up so I must be doing something right.

Ideal man: Tall (no shorter than 180 cm), intelligent, calm and responsible character, doesn't talk much (an unattractive and feminine feature in a man). Shoulders MUST BE broader than hips.