Absurdistan: true stories from the Post-Modern Abyss

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Niccolo and Donkey

This thread is intended to collect stories about how absurd our world has become, with a focus on gender/sexual politics as we head deeper into the Age of Moral Inversion.

Stories on realdolls, cuckolds, men in diapers, gender acronyms, etc. wanted.

Let's start off with this one:

David O. Russell accused of groping his transgender niece, but won't face charges


Niccolo and Donkey

Thank you for inviting me to this exciting thread.

I am currently researching a link between Stouffer's french bread pizza and hormonal imbalances.
Bob Dylan Roof
A penis, like the vagina, is a feature of the human body that forms in the process of human development from conception. In consequence, neither a penis nor a vagina can be re constructed unless an individual originally had a penis or a vagina. Moreover, something physical cannot be confirmed by surgery unless there is extant corroborative physical evidence that the thing exists prior to the surgery.

All of this should be elementary to the esteemed medical minds that exert considerable amounts of effort developing new methods for fabricating human biological features that are otherwise only possible through normal human development.

Also, lol @ "gender confirmation." Imagine a distant future tinted by secular liberal theology where, instead of the traditional Christian rite of passage, children are "confirmed" in their gender through a complex surgical procedure followed by a lengthy, life-shortening regimen of hormonal treatments.

From Nietzsche's Daybreak :

On the 'realm of freedom'. We can think many, many more things than we can do or experience, that is to say, our thinking is superficial and content with the surface; indeed, it does not notice that it is the surface. If our intellect had evolved strictly in step with our strength and the extent to which we exercise our strength, the dominant principle of our thinking would be that we can understand only that which we can do if understanding is possible at all. A man is thirsty and cannot get water, but the pictures his thought produces bring water ceaselessly before his eyes, as though nothing were easier to procure. The superficial and easily satisfied character of the intellect cannot grasp the actual need and distress, and yet it feels superior; it is proud of being able to do more, to run faster, to be at its goal almost in a twinkling and thus it is that the realm of thought appears to be, in comparison with the realm of action, willing and experience, a realm of freedom: while in reality it is, as aforesaid, only a realm of surfaces and self-satisfaction.​
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/embed/66xsGuN-ZGI

Read the comments, they're full of unthinking platitudes about letting kids 'be themselves' (even if it means being a precocious homosexual who has no friends and competes in child pageants)...fucking enraging

I'm trolling as BlarghHgralb

She looks oddly like Sophie from Peep Show


I just discovered Gawker relegates all offensive comments to a specific forum. That way all the super smart, super caring commenters can tut tut and chimp out at will. Enjoy:


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