Patrick J. Kennedy - Fuckhead

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Niccolo and Donkey
President Camacho


You know a lot of these pols whom we call "dumbasses" etc offhand are in reality very clever and conniving individuals who can easily distinguish the underlying agenda from the propaganda they spew for public consumption.

But this guy sounds genuinely retarded... we're talking room-temperature IQ, certainly no higher than 85 or so. Given that he's a Kennedy I suspect fetal alcohol syndrome.


This guy's nickname is Patches. Seriously. Patches Kennedy. Even by the degenerate standards of his family (an exercise in what happens when you give Shanty Irish one million dollars) he's a fuck up. Just a brief perusal of his wiki will give one a good idea of how much of a scumbag and a moron this guy is. Here's a sample:

• Accused rapist.

• In rehab for being a cokehead when he was 16.

• He's crashed his car while under the influence of alcohol and/or pills about a dozen times.

• Once bragged that he's, "never worked a fucking day in [his] life!"

The Kennedys: America's Royal Family? I'd say so.

Niccolo and Donkey
Concur. When I first came across this guy, I thought he had a mental disability resulting from a drunk driving accident.
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gus vasa

You can always pick out the most choice of retards among politicians as they are the ones who endlessly repeat talking point lines and cliches from high school civic class thinking these are engaging, deep intellectual arguments.

Why won't the Kennedys collectively die? They are a national affront to every self-respecting mick. Moreover what happened to the bloodline after Jack? Whatever one's opinion of JFK, it has been a parade of shitbirds since he bought the plot.

President Camacho

When I come across articles on the family that mention Robert Kennedy's assassination, it's interesting that nobody mentions that he was killed by a Palestinian gunman for his support of Israel. You'd think this would be an important detail especially given the modern political climate, but it's always omitted in every MSM blurb that I've read of Robert Kennedy's assassination. It'd be like "forgetting" to mention that MLK Jr was killed by a white supremacist.

The only deduction I can gather is that MSM is aware that bringing up actual history impinges on the short-term story arc they've weaved for the occasion, which involves fantastic supervillains like Osama and Saddam and Gadhafi who arrived out of the aether to attack civilization for no reason. Add in the fact that Sirhan Sirhan was actually a Christian, and you can see how it's impossible for MSM to reconcile RFK's assassination with the company line.

President Camacho
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