Former Yugoslav Journalist from Slovenia on the Breakup of Yugoslavia, etc.

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This is actually quite an interesting interview. Ex-Communist of course morphs into European liberal, trading one anti-national master for another. I'm posting some excerpts.

Interview with Jurij Gustincic

Raised in pre-Second World War Vienna and Moscow, Jurij Gustincic incorporated his worldly views and sharp thinking into reporting, making him a phenomenon of the then Yugoslavia's journalistic world.

He was one of the youngest correspondents of Yugoslavia’s main daily Politika to report from London and New York.

Now aged 90, Gustincic, who still writes opinion pieces for Slovenian weekly Mladina, remembers the days when Yugoslav journalists had the best seats at tables in London and Washington. He reflects on how journalists perceive reality in the post-war Balkans and also about where Slovenia and the region might be heading politically.

On Tito's Yugoslavia: