Krokodil Tears

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Great video about Krok:

Russia is the biggest consumer of heroin in the world. Nowhere are the country's drug problems more evident than in the Siberian town of Novokuznetsk, which lies on the Kazakhstan border. A new moonshine drug called Krokodil is gaining popularity in the area, and its effects on addicts are devastating.

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NATO tells Russia: We'll keep the heroin flowing


NATO Wednesday rejected Russian calls for it to eradicate opium poppy fields in Afghanistan, saying the best way for Moscow to help control the drug would be to give more assistance against the insurgency.

Russia's anti-drugs czar, Victor Ivanov, met NATO ambassadors in Brussels and proposed that NATO troops be given a U.N. mandate and an obligation to eradicate Afghan opium crops, which were killing 30,000 Russians a year.

(Afghan opium kills 100,000 people every year worldwide" - Wikipedia)

But NATO spokesman James Appathurai said the drug problem had to be handled carefully to avoid alienating local people. He said the alliance was continuing efforts to target drug lords and drug labs, but added at a news briefing:

"We cannot be in a situation where we remove the only source of income of people who live in the second poorest country in the world without being able to provide them with an alternative."

Afghanistan is the world's biggest producer of poppies used to make opium, the key ingredient in the production of heroin.

Appathurai said NATO understood Russian concerns, given its estimated 200,000 heroin and morphine addicts and the tens of thousands dying each year.

Wed Mar 24, 2010

How to make krokodil:

It is essentially true that the iodine/red phosphorus method will reduce codeine and yield SOME krok, but the yield will not be more than, say, 10%. the reason for this is the preponderance of side reactions, such as the cleaving of the ether linkage. since morphine is 10x more potent than codeine and desomorphine is again 10x morphine, this will result in a substantial increase in potency even tho it is so low-yielding overall.

the birch reduction ("Birch/'Nazi' synthesis) will assuredly not result in krok, b/c the highly acidic conditions of the RP/I reduction are necessary to affect the methyl ether cleavage of codeine to yield desomorphine.

Here is one of the few existing trip reports for pure desomorphine on the internut: