Converted by Connie: an essay in heteronormative pornography

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Date: Sat , 3 1 Dec 2011 12 :03:21 P ST
From: BAP @ saloforum .com
Subject: Converted by Connie

Converted by Connie
By [email protected]
I regularly post on an online forum where no one displays normal sexual urges. The administrator puts up pictures of overweight, grown men in diapers and pronounces them “cool.” Other members of this forum are fascinated with latex “realdolls;” still others fetishize women of the NSDAP, or are morbidly attracted to their own sex . Until a few days ago, I considered myself one among this last group.

Only one time before had I done anything with a g irl and that was just my sister, so it doesn’t count . When I joined a Nietzschean book club, I was looking forward to expanding my "will to power" as much as possible. I just didn't foresee how it was going to expand.

One of the g irl s in the book club was named Connie . Sh e and I
had gotten to be more of acquaintances rather than friends. Sh e had blond e hair, a tan , and weird curves . She was amorphous: a typical woman .

One morning Connie and I both arrived at the “Decline of the West” coffee shop at a bout the same time. We were there before anyone else, and we settled into a booth with a high wooden back.

Connie was wearing a tight top and a skirt which exposed far too much dumpy female leg. I had just started to sip my espresso (which strengthens the will) when I noticed that Connie’s shirt was unbuttoned and her cleavage was exposed. She was a D-cup (at least!) and I was thoroughly disgusted by those amorphous, heaving orbs in their state of nature. Sickened, I gagged and coughed a little in swallowing my drink.

"I know you are staring at me. You straight or something?" I
didn't know what to say and just stared at h er like a retard for a few seconds. Sh e had a smirk on h er face as I tried to stammer out a response. Sh e looked me up and down and said "Thought so." I realized that my cock was getting hard! I tried to hide it w ith my copy of “The Gay Science , but it was too late, s he had already seen me getting hard. I didn't know what to think. I had been fucking all the guys , just like the other chick s, and now here I was getting hard in the coffee shop with an amorphous wench!

I explained to her about male and female song-birds, and started to quote Schopenhauer: “It is only the man whose intellect is clouded by his sexual instinct that could give that stunted, narrow-shouldered, broad-hipped, and short-legged race the name of the fair sex; for the en—" I couldn’t finish my disquisition, as Connie quickly reached for my zipper, pulled my cock out of my jeans, straddled me, and impaled herself on me with her grotesquely amorphous body! I was so shocked, that I immediately climaxed out of fear and loathing!

Connie looked at me and laughed, empowered by the essence she had stolen from me. "I'm gonna fuck you ten times before our next meet-up on the fifth day of Yule. When my dildo is repaired, I'm gonna be fucking that. But I will always want some of your cock when the batteries run out. And don't worry, I know that the other bitches will be more than happy to keep you drowning in pussy when I am busy once I tell them about your talents."

Tragically, there is no going back. Heterosexuality has turned out to be more addictive than krokodil. Now, every time I read Nietzsche or drink espresso, I remember the feeling of her wet twat enveloping me. She made me her stud and showed me how much I needed to be fucked by a real woman.