The Post that got me banned from alt.right

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Niccolo and Donkey
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It was in response to this incredibly weak article - The Church Militant

My post:


It helps to place the article in context if you realize that the author lives in the NE, where Catholics have long been important members of the liberal Democrat coalition. Insofar as he argues that politicians of the faith enforce political correctness, he's right. Whether those politicians are taking marching orders from the Vatican is a cloudier question.

Undoubtedly it's misleading to say that the RC is anti-PC, since most relevant Vatican documents are vague and riddled with ambigous buzzwords, and since adherents of PC aren't being ejected from communion. It's also misleading to claim the opposite, as the author does. The Vatican, like all bureaucracies, generally avoids assertions which would stray near the firing line of public opinion, and so they prefer to keep things safe and boring -- which makes it hard to argue either case.

Niccolo and Donkey
He's arguing that the Church itself is a PC institution. That's simply incorrect as I've highlighted.
Randall McMurphy

Nic, for auld lang syne, it is unfortunate--it's a solid site that our experiences on the Internets prepared us for, or anticipated--in the sense we might help, if not with the site, but the individual poster/seeker who might need an occasional jolt to not get locked down on a fixation.

I have been frustrated finding former prolific AltRight posters happily typing away at takimag, but not altright--namely on the Ron Paul thing here in the states--such a wasted opportunity to demonstrate a general patria ethos in respect to modernity seems almost bizarre. AmRen posters get it as far as I can tell- no grandstanding either way, just realistic assessment.

Anyway, Happy New Year.

Team Zissou
Here's what got you banned:
The USCCB agrees, but not for the reasons you're giving. They know perfectly well that the US welfare state which they constantly exhort us to support (which explains why they won't kick pro-abortion Democrats out of communion) depends on net tax payments by white Americans. But once Anglo, Scots-Irish and Germanic Americans are no longer the market-dominant majority, there won't be anybody left to pay taxes to support all the unwed baby-mamacitas. The bishops won't acknowledge this because they just think if white people would pay more taxes to support the LA Unified School District, 'Stand and Deliver' would break out all across the barrio. They cling desperately to this fantasy of Meso-American immigration swelling their parishes with all the Juans and Christinas pledging their humble coin. In fact, the numbers are awful for the Catholic Church. They become Protestant or, far more commonly, are just areligious. My impression is the Mexican middle class is Catholic but we're not getting the Mexican middle class; we're getting the hick Aztec trash.
Randall McMurphy

My experience with on-line 'Catholics' is talking the talk, but hitting forty and beyond with no kids, and posts that seem conflicted about this issue.

In the real world, I know conservative Catholic women, who are pro-gay marriage, lax on just about every issue--even when they have that north of 3 kids, but are still poised as traditional; but then I was raised by a conservative female Unitarian in New England (dad traveled a lot) so I am more prepared for that sort of woman--did a number on my sisters though. I know few conservative Catholic men--really none when I think about it, growing up around Boston.

Nic should have finished a Yockeyite point, a Germanic/European point, that the US Empire is the problem and needs to go--a fantastic poll splitter with the Anglo style nationalism that is popular on AR, but he was, perhaps, not thinking tactically.

Can someone please translate this word salad?
Randall McMurphy

Sorry, those under 28 are not entitled to understand, so we speak in code.

For a little spice, the article generally spoke of the state of the American Catholic, and had merit in so far as the author lost his job in the Catholic school system for thought crimes; Nic.'s comments were tactically amiss if illuminating and potentially devastating--but that is the bias of familiarity showing.

American Catholics aren't going to help the cause in the "democratic" such as it is sense.

Nic does have a deeper point that should have been prepared better for Alt Right, which begs the question if he was showing off or trying to help.

Any-hoot--it's a Ron Paul thing here in the States--probably beyond your scope.


What was Nic's deeper point? Why are you rambling about Ron Paul? What is the 'fixation'? What is a 'poll splitter'? Who or what exactly 'did a number' on your sisters? What is the non-democratic sense in which Catholics can help the 'cause' (whatever that is)? The more gibberish you post, the more questions remain. Are you related to Julian, by chance?

Randall McMurphy

Nic thinks the British-US empire is the largest threat--that is a Yockey point in American rightwing thinking. I don't begrudge him for that, if I have a stake in the dismantling concept.

Ron Paul is a tactical problem for the Alt Right site which they have not used to their benefit; nic is at least sympathetic to Ron Paul, as a foreigner.

Pointing out the contradiction in tactics of a site (Altright) that is Anglo-American, using European Rightist tactics/thought, is a safe way to post controversial things. Nic chose to pine for the Church that, politically, is tactically limited--I suggest that this is a reflection on my experience with internet posting, self-described Catholics. I would encourage Nic to post on the contradiction Alt Right is working with.

Catholics, urban Catholics, could help the cause by demanding that the Catholic Charities (or whatever their domestic incarnation) cease making a billion or two off the refugee scam.

But they don't.

Hard to take them seriously.

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