Anyone know where I can dl/torrent books?

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I want to dl Houellebecq's other novels (I've read Atomized) + a few theology works by by John Milbank...anyone have invites, sites, etc?

Broseph ??

el greco

Torrents are a thing of the past now that you can make a buck off of these file hosting sites. Generally what you want to do is use a search engine that's unpozzed like scroogle then throw the keywords epub or mobi + the title or author you're looking for.

There are sites like Filespart , Mobilism and AvaxHome eBooks Search that can help as well.

If you are interested in downloading them free they are still of use, they let users customize what they want to download. Also torrents allow people to comment on the file whereas if you download from shady website, you may get a nice trojan attached.
That Scroogle looks great as well. (if anyone needs an invite pm me) or here is a longer link to their books' list:
Niccolo and Donkey

BT Junkie is my torrent site of choice.

Can you get me an invite to demonoid?
el greco

Yeah, look out for those viruses planted in Houellebecq novels

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Torrenting on places like pirate bay is det. Smart, sociable, happening people probably use private sites like the old Oink (I don't know this, but I have inferred it from the fact that i don't.) This is a large collection of /pol/ themed books, so everything from solid popular histories to Ivan Throne/Cernovich shit.!4ThhEAoD!lXcD7PtDl4ND8UWkMVyEQQ

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