The Myth of Japan's 'Lost Decades'

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Expect a rise in your currency isn't exactly desirable if you are an export based economy.

Right expect again Japan's current account surplus has been shrinking for years. And current accounts only reflects trade and income flows (people buying up Japanese yen to hedge against the US dollar), not the overall scope of the economy. And why is this moron touting the CA surplus as some miracle achievement by the Japanese, it's the crux of their fucking economy.

This is just asinine. African Americans technically have a better quality of life now than they did 50 years ago. But we all know those blacks were more educated, more family oriented and more civilized 50 years ago than they are today. Technological progress and affluence !=people being better off.
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

Also, a poster from J-Ref Forums who has visited Japan repeatedly over the last 20 years or so comments on the "Lost Decades" phenomenon.