Is this Ixabert?

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Bronze Age Pervert

I have reason to think it is...

BAP is "grooming" Ixabert in order to sexually humiliate and exploit him.

Niccolo and Donkey

36 point (full strength) deduction for faggotry :thumbsdown:

Bronze Age Pervert
A few months ago you would have enjoyed this post, now you are fronting for the people who think you should police this forum like the Phora. There is nothing faggoty about my post anyway, and I demand that you return the honor points you stole from me!!!

Niccolo is taking back Salo. I celebrate that.

using this
Bronze Age Pervert
What do you mean?
And do you agree this might be Ixabert? He has admitted on the Phora that it is him.

[Yesterday 11:55 PM] Israel Bergstein : It's okay, BAP. They won't be able to identify me with that picture

BAP flirts with mentally challenged Ixabert. Sad to watch.


I say no: that is not a picture of someone who spends his time managing a vast array of internet sockpuppets.