"Criminals" (USSR graphic)

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Niccolo and Donkey

You can tell the crimes they committed by their physiognomy. The Russian has been arraigned for indecent exposure. The Ukrainian, for public drunkenness. The Tatar, assault with a deadly weapon; the Jew, child molestation; the Gypsy, playing a mandolin in public without a license; the Kyrgyz, being the receptive partner in gay sex; the Byelorussian, stealing copper wire; the Lithuanian, illegal possession of a square head; the Georgian, bestiality; the Armenian, general swarthiness; the Kazak, impersonating a Chinese; the Uzbek, right-wing deviationism; the Latvian, left-wing deviationism; the Azeri, being an Azeri; the Moldovan, bigamy; the Tajik, check kiting; and the Turkmen, multiple, multiple, multiple homicide.

But what about the Estonian? I think he's quite handsome :oops:
The Estonian can go free. It was a case of mistaken identity. Actually, a Finn assaulted the reindeer.