First Trailer for The Hobbit

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Niccolo and Donkey

Hope it works out better than the LoTR movies, which, as glossy as they were, I proceeded to forget immediately after watching.


I have to admit I find Hobbits repellent. Their man-child act is unbearable.

Are you Orcish on your mother's side, or your father's?
I'm 1/16th Orc like Chris Hitchens
I watched the whole trilogy again this year, and it drags in certain parts -- Frodo's quest to Mordor is boring, repetitive and stupid. The strong points IMO are the costumes and the landscapes.

They are also highly homosexual and whiny. I can't stand them either.

This is the best review of the LotR trilogy I've read:

That reviewer also says:

Only perhaps unwittingly! So, on the other hand, perhaps Peter Jackson is part of the cabal!

Review is no good. And for what it's worth, hobbits are 100% heterosexual. I am not sure I can say the same for this forum.

The political angle is dubious, but he's spot-on about the nerd aesthetics. Then again, maybe the problem is the source material.

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That review hits on some good points but as usual Mladikov is wrong.

The best and most eloquent review of the LoTR trilogy is from War Nerd/John Dolan. I'm not a Lord of The Ring nerd/afficianado like Dolan is, but I read The Hobbit and the first two books in the trilogy as a youngster and Dolan's review nails everything that instinctively struck me as wrong with the film versions.

Some excerpts:
Dolan completely pwns the fat faggot Jackson, read the full article for more pwnage: