Your plans for 2012?

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There's no more fooling around, 2012 is here and the economic crisis is all-pervading.

In this thread we rant about how are we going to survive the coming years of massive unemployment, social unrest, widespread corruption, mental illnesses, suicides, etc.

I'm interested in concrete measures: where to live, what to study, what lines of work to pursue, what to read, how to eat and exercise, what is the correct attitude to take, family planning, etc. What are you going to do to face the epic economic meltdown that is upon us. Any relevant commentary or information will be welcome.


In October 2012 I will buy an apartment building, 2-4 units. Then I will buy another mid 2013, another in late 2013, and another in early 2014. I'll keep this up, at an ever increasing rate, until I have enough rent - expenses per month to quit working and move to some beautiful and safe country with a low cost of living.

Bob Dylan Roof

This is what I plan to do starting January the 1st:

- Get a goddamn job. Failing this, become a remorseless under-the-table plumbing warlord.
- Go paleo. Ruthlessly quit anything that can harm my body.
- Work out.
- Reclaim back my old reading habits: read 2-3 books a month.
- Prioritize reading useful stuff over fiction. Read on economics, nutrition, history.
- Quit the internet except for work related stuff (given that I'm a plumber, this means a max of 3-4 hours a week) and some poasting on useful stuff a couple of times a month.
- Use my gf's relentless nagging to become an almighty overman.
i.e. do everything I need to do to survive and to be a good father when the moment comes (in 1 year m.o.l.).

President Camacho
If the baby comes out as a "retardo", will you hold steady on your previous pledge to hang the infant corpse from a flagpole as a warning to potential retarded suitors of your woman?

What economic crisis? All shits and giggles down under. I got a pay rise today!


Working, studying and going to Croatia in the summer.

All will of course be for nothing because in December 2012 the shit will hit the fan big time. Y'all knows it.

Niccolo and Donkey
I will advise you and your family on your upcoming trip.

Find Cornelio - groom him for ultimate power.

You mean there's more to learn than "jebem ti mater"? We're going to Split for a week. Gonna walk around and pretend I'm Croatian, baby.