Why I Will Never Feel Threatened by Cheap Overseas Programming

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I remember being told back in 2003 that all the programming jobs would be gone to India forever. This, of course, was by people who didn't know how to turn on a computer.
President Camacho

The only real question regarding these outsourced drones is:

Who is a more contemptible human specimen: the Hindu or the Han?

I ask a native-born chinese what they do if they get stuck on a math or programming or software engineering problem. The only answer they come up with is "give it to someone else to solve". They have no problem solving skills. It's all hive-mind mentality. I will give the non-natives some credit, though. Being raised in the West gives them much more psychological autonomy.

My only experience with Indian devs includes one guy out of a team of 20 or so asking me how to do a certain thing. I remember thinking to myself "I could get this done in a week" and I was still in my 3rd year of undergrad. It blew my mind. What the hell do you do with 20 guys? Bother Europeans/Americans/Japanese all day on the Internet in order to get something hacked together from random volunteered bits?