Russian Communists Win Support as Putin's Party Fades

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As the Muslims vote Islamist, and the West votes right-wing, the Russians are coming home to Marx.

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Here's another article, Belarus seems to gain from Communist victory in Russia and Putin's demise.’s-lobbyists-russia-6847
Niccolo and Donkey
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Niccolo and Donkey
This for now (i wrote it elsewhere):

If you add United Russia's seats with that of "A Just Russia", you get pretty much what United Russia scored last time. "A Just Russia" is aligned with them and is for all intents and purposes a satellite party of United Russia formed of disparate strands with the intention of sucking support away from Zyuganov's Communists. It failed in that role as the Communists have become even more popular.

Saying that, this election still shows that citizens of Russia overwhelmingly still continue to reject western-backed parties and instead rely on the Communists and Zhirinovsky when opposing the ruling regime. Yet how often do we see American or British news outlets interview Zyuganov or Zhirinovsky when they wish to paint a critical picture of Putin's Russia?


Instead they rely on some dickheads collecting Soros cash at The Carnegie Center or rely on Boris Nemtsov, a robber baron from the Yeltsin era whose party scored less than 3%.

They used to trot out Gary Kasparov, but he was even less credible.

The rest of the usual suspects now reside elsewhere, like Berezovsky in the UK and Gusinsky being outside of Russia as well.