Mencius Moldbug on Breivik, terrorism

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Brown Scare! Brown Scare! The Brown Scare is on! But then again, when hasn't it been on? Certainly not since your grandpa was a little boy. Can't we get another two minutes' hate for the Nazi Peril? The world progressive community had sure as hell better hope it can raise a new global hard-on over Anders Behring Breivik. If you have Claudia Schiffer on your lap and a gram of Viagra up your nose, and you're still limp, age has finally defeated you.

Age has certainly not defeated us . So as an act of collective defiance, we have to start by praising ABB, in every way we possibly can. What ways are those? Not many.

We can note the only thing he didn't screw up. At least he shot communists, not Muslims. He gored the matador and not the cape. While still basically animal behavior (especially when it comes to the 15-year-olds - is there a 15-year-old in the world who isn't a communist?), it's more than I'd expect from a rogue Gates of Vienna commenter. We should also praise ABB for his spectacular stupidity, which I'd like to think can be a learning experience for the entire right - from Instapundit to Stormfront. You can relax now, because we won't be praising him again.

But we do need to remember that terrorism, left or right, is a legitimate military tactic. Just as a nation that idolizes Che has no genuine moral grounds for condemning ABB, a nation that annihilated Dresden has no genuine moral grounds for condemning OBL. We're not exactly history's pure and precious little snowflake.


Slaughter that serves no purpose is sadistic, insane, terrible. Slaughter for purpose is the very nature of war, and cannot be separated from it. Since right-wing terrorism does not work , it is illegitimate as a tactic of war. Since left-wing terrorism does work, it is perfectly legitimate. Thus, OBL is legitimate and ABB is not.

Islamic terrorism (which is in every case left-wing - as you can see every time Osama quotes Chomsky ) is legitimate because it's effective. It's effective because its political result is to expand the political power and privilege of Muslims and their progressive sponsors. Right-wing terrorism is illegitimate because it's ineffective. It's ineffective because its political result is to contract the political freedom and influence of conservatives (extremist or moderate).


Why does left-wing terrorism work, and right-wing terrorism not? As Carl Schmitt explained in Theory of the Partisan , terrorist, guerrilla or partisan warfare is never effective on its own. While an effective military strategy, it is only effective as one fork of a pincer attack. The terrorist succeeds when, and only when, he is allied to what Schmitt called an interested third party - either a military or political force.

Left-wing terrorism succeeds as the violent arm of a political assault that would probably be overwhelming in any case. In every case, the terrorist plays Mutt in a Mutt-and-Jeff act. Right-wing terrorism in the modern world is cargo-cult terrorism: Mutt without Jeff. Indeed, in historical cases where right-wing terrorism has been successful, in every case we see it aligned with powerful forces within the state. Right-wing terrorism worked in Weimar Germany, for instance, or prewar Japan, because it aligned with fascist conspiracies in the security forces. Somehow I don't see a lot of that in 2011 Norway.


What ABB is doing here is, in plain non-Google English, whining . Whining is the act either of a slave, or a bitch. The slave whines to his master. Master, the overseer is beating me! And so, the protected minority whines to the communist judge. Whitey call' me a bad name! But ABB would be a free man - who, then is he whining to? He's whining to nobody. He's whining because, having grown up on heroic Nelson Mandela, he thinks he can free himself and his nation by a combination of (a) whining and (b) mass murder.

The entire spectrum of right-wing folk activism, from pointless whining through spectacular terrorism, is what Roissy would call "beta." It is strictly man-bitch behavior. Look, if you think Norway should be ruled by patriotic, axe-wielding, Odin-worshipping Vikings rather than Euroquisling kulturmarxistene , I agree! A gelded and humiliated Norway, mentally sodomized by her raceless, epicene internationalist masters as she gradually morphs into Somalia North, is a pathetic and sickening spectacle. Haakon the Fairhaired could not possibly approve.
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Interesting bit:

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There's a development Mencius doesn't foresee (or maybe he does, I didn't click thru). The West's militaries are being turned into gay/female pageants while the warriors go to work for Xe and Dyncorp.

Along those lines, there are some hilarious pictures of the London riots with all these dwarves with narrow shoulders and wide hips in riot gear: London's grrl-power police force.


Moldbug is correct when he refers to Schmitt. Right wing terrorism in the 21st century is isolated and fatalistic, it happens when all other options have been exhausted or are believed to be ineffectual. This is true from Breivik to that guy who flew a plane into an IRS building. Breivik reminds me of a more accomplished Laser Man:

The question then becomes one of where will an honest right wing movement originate from? Do the armed forces represent a sympathetic body? A lot of current and former soldiers are suspicious of the power elite but obviously recognize the serpentine silliness of the Left.

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I agree with Moldbug concerning the "interested third," but the idea that radical Islam is financed and granted political legitimacy - two of the benefits conferred by Schmitt's interested third - by the left is too much for me.