Working Man's Death

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Haven't watched this yet, but I have to make a comment of something sickening I've noticed in society.

We tax and regulate corporations which provide jobs. Then we make it convenient for them to send jobs overseas. Then we take whatever tax money we get out of them, and do two things. 1) We put it into "higher education" and 2) Promote the idea that if you don't go to college, you're a good for nothing bum.

The companies which can provide these jobs get shitty treatment. People are convinced that only bums and idiots would get a job that doesn't require an education. Now we're left wondering why these types of jobs don't exist?

Bob Dylan Roof

Thanks, these were excellent, Vuk.

I wish I could observe OWS protesters and liberal nationalists as they watched these episodes so that I could see their facial contortions while they struggled to cope with the cognitive dissonance. To see the cruel and arduous foundation of the economic paradise in America would be truly painful for the utopian progressives whose ideology reduces to faith in the arrival of an age where machines replace ditch diggers.

On another note, Al-Jazeera has produced an impressive, high-quality product here. The cinematography is professional - even lyrical in the Nigeria episode - and the external commentary is minimal. The narrator briefly mentions the heroic status labor once enjoyed in the first half of the twentieth century in each episode, but essentially allows the imagery and workers to speak for themselves. This reminded me of Sorel's conclusion that capitalism could be revitalized only by injecting a heroic myth into labor and stimulating both classes in opposition to each other.


Aside from Roland's comment, which I agree with 100%, I'll say that I'm relieved to see with my own eyes that there are still some real places out there. That African slaughter market is a character builder, if I ever have a son I'm going to send him there to work as an apprentice for a few months just to purify him of whatever Western metrosexualesbianism he has. It'd probably be good for me, but I can't afford these kinds of self improvement pursuits right now.

The man sings a song about how they don't know a thing about civilization.

They praise the head butcher for his great skill and generosity. The praise God for everything they have. They largely deal in a peaceful manner. They work hard and are humble. These things are no longer hallmarks of the west. These people know civilization better than many of the people in the west.

I'm in agreement with your general sentiment. Arduous physical work is a blessing, and I'd rather spend my life digging ditches in pleasant camaraderie with other workers, than push papers for 50 years in a poisonous, effeminate office environment. I behold with respect the activities that modern western weaklings watch with shock and repulsion.

Niccolo and Donkey
It's a nice sentiment, but the problem with this is twofold:

1. daily physical labour puts you in a very unsecure field of work with very little independence as the work can disappear rather quickly and the security being completely out of your control...also, the pay scale for physical labour is steadily decreasing with the increase in both labour competition and automation
2. your body falls apart rather quickly....all the drywallers/tapers that i know have serious issues once they get past 45-50