Forgotten Iberian Men of Invention And Will.

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This is a thread devoted to obscure spaniards who advanced human knowledge or technology in any significant way.

Let's start with Diego Ignacio de Falla Almodóvar


A good mediterranean man who knew how to combine business with culinary pleasure.
Juan de la Cierva (1895-1936)


Inventor of the autogyro:


A few excerpts from the wiki:

Isaac Peral y Caballero ( Cartagena , 1 June 1851 – 22 May 1895, Berlin )

Another Murcian, like De la Cierva.


Inventor of the Peral submarine :


Excerpts from the wiki:

President Camacho

H.L. Hunley predates the "Peral"


Bob Dylan Roof
Francisco de Vitoria

Developed the first total theory of international law and theory of just war on the basis of FUCKING CATHOHLEEK principles (and later erroneously equated with modern, liberal international law.) Also founded the School of Salamanca that eventually gave birth to the subjective theory of economic value: rival of the classical (and later Marxist) labor theory of value and bedrock principle of Austrian Economics.
Niccolo and Donkey

I want to like this posrep that you gave Cornelio:

Porkchop Holocaust

I'm not impressed.

Sorry, we are talking about real, electricity-powered technology here. A bunch of fat rednecks propelling a helix with their own hands is just pathetic.
Instead of whining "I want this" "I want that" like a croat, follow the example of the enterprising spaniards of this thread and engineer solutions for existing problems.
Croats did a version of the pen, the necktie and the mag-lite. And arguably, Tesla. But you're right about nic.