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Watch our interview with Senior Researcher Slagin Parakatil about the 2011 Quality of Living Survey results and city rankings
(Video length: 5 min 30 sec)

In 2011, the world continued to experience instability due to the enduring economic crisis. Economic uncertainty helped provoke social and political unrest of varying degrees in many urban areas. Protests and strikes in numerous North American and Western European cities have been largely peaceful. But violence – and, in places, civil war – have broken out in other regions, endangering the safety of both locals and expatriates.

The events of the “Arab Spring” of 2011, when citizens took to the streets to demand regime change in many North African and Middle Eastern countries, have lasted long past spring. Uncertainty continues in Tripoli, Libya, following the death of the country’s former leader, Muammar Qaddafi. And Cairo is still experiencing waves of violence through the fall of 2011, as the government clashes with protesters.
Some of this region’s cities, including Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and Muscat, Oman, rank quite high in personal safety, mainly due to their internal stability and low crime levels.

Even generally calmer regions have suffered civil disorder. Large protests, some of which were violent, broke out several times this year in Santiago, Chile, in support of higher government involvement and subsidies for education. The threat of economic collapse and resulting austerity measures in Greece brought on repeated violent clashes between street protesters and police in Athens, Greece.

These significant challenges to the security of expatriates and local residents in many locations led Mercer to choose personal safety as the special topic of its 2011 rankings.

Those cities and countries that have escaped the brunt of social unrest and economic downturn have been able to continue investing in urban infrastructure and other provisions for comfortable and enjoyable daily living to improve the quality of living for their residents. If economic and political instability remain a global factor, cities in parts of Asia-Pacific and Western Europe, as well as in Canada, will continue to benefit from their relative stability and wealth of public services and recreational provisions, becoming more attractive destinations for expatriate employees.

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but here is a nice list:

City Rankings

Mercer Quality of Living Survey - Worldwide Rankings, 2011
Rank City Country
1 Vienna Austria
2 Zurich Switzerland
3 Auckland New Zealand
4 Munich Germany
5 Düsseldorf Germany
5 Vancouver Canada
7 Frankfurt Germany
8 Geneva Switzerland
9 Bern Switzerland
9 Copenhagen Denmark
11 Sydney Australia
12 Amsterdam Netherlands
13 Wellington New Zealand
14 Ottawa Canada
15 Toronto Canada
16 Hamburg Germany
17 Berlin Germany
18 Melbourne Australia
19 Luxembourg Luxembourg
20 Stockholm Sweden
21 Perth Australia
22 Brussels Belgium
22 Montreal Canada
24 Nurnberg Germany
25 Singapore Singapore
26 Canberra Australia
26 Dublin Ireland
28 Stuttgart Germany
29 Honolulu, HI United States
30 Adelaide Australia
30 Paris France
30 San Francisco, CA United States
33 Calgary Canada
33 Oslo Norway
35 Helsinki Finland
36 Boston, MA United States
37 Brisbane Australia
38 London United Kingdom
39 Lyon France
40 Barcelona Spain
41 Lisbon Portugal
42 Milan Italy
43 Chicago, IL United States
43 Madrid Spain
43 Washington, DC United States
46 Tokyo Japan
47 New York City, NY United States
48 Seattle, WA United States
49 Kobe Japan
49 Pittsburgh, PA United States
49 Yokohama Japan

Personal Safety Ranking, 2011*
Rank City Country
1 Luxembourg Luxembourg
2 Bern Switzerland
2 Helsinki Finland
2 Zurich Switzerland
5 Vienna Austria
6 Geneva Switzerland
6 Stockholm Sweden
8 Singapore Singapore
9 Auckland New Zealand
9 Wellington New Zealand
11 Copenhagen Denmark
11 Düsseldorf Germany
11 Frankfurt Germany
11 Munich Germany
11 Nurnberg Germany
16 Dublin Ireland
17 Amsterdam Netherlands
17 Calgary Canada
17 Montreal Canada
17 Ottawa Canada
17 Toronto Canada
17 Vancouver Canada
23 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
24 Oslo Norway
25 Canberra Australia
25 Melbourne Australia
25 Perth Australia
25 Sydney Australia
29 Muscat Oman
30 Ljubljana Slovenia
31 Kobe Japan
31 Nagoya Japan
31 Osaka Japan
31 Tokyo Japan
31 Yokohama Japan
36 Berlin Germany
36 Hamburg Germany
36 Hong Kong Hong Kong
39 Dubai United Arab Emirates
40 Brussels Belgium
40 Pointe-à-Pitre Guadeloupe
42 Leipzig Germany
42 Stuttgart Germany
44 Aberdeen United Kingdom
44 Glasgow United Kingdom
46 Limassol Cyprus
47 Lisbon Portugal
47 Prague Czech Republic
49 Bratislava Slovakia
50 Adelaide Australia
50 Brisbane Australia
*Mercer’s Personal Safety Ranking 2011 is based on measures of internal stability, crime levels, law enforcement effectiveness and host country international relations.
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(ok, they do collect a healthy amount on taxes. but deficit spending and tax increases aren't necessary to prevent from becoming a shithole.)

I am surprised that

1- Two spanish cities made it to the list of quality of living. I suppose that things like our excellent public transport have been taken into account, but I never thought Madrid had a great quality of living. It's polluted, expensive, constant traffic jams, etc.
2- No spanish cities made it to the personal safety list. I've always thought of my country as a safe one.

Porkchop Holocaust

Glasgow? I'd never seen it referred to as a peaceful city. A cursory Google search reveals information like this:

Not that I find being peaceful a virtue in these days. Once the chimping begins that table is probably going to start looking very differently.
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lol @ vancouver always making these lists.

it's the most expensive city in canada, the most drug addled city in canada, the most crowded city in canada, not to mention its packed with mainlanders and punjabis who refuse to speak english. ya i really want to live there :rolleyes:


Interesting Vancouver made it on the personal safety list. I visited Vancouver about ten years ago and it was very sketchy, dopers tried to break into our car at 10 AM in the business district, it had been parked for 20 minutes. Weirdos everywhere following us down the street trying to sell dope. I've been more at ease in very shitty neighborhoods on the south and west sides of Chicago.