Occupy the Hood Attempts to Mug Occupy Boston

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" Community activist Jamal Crawford said elements such as 'racism and white privilege' have been 'hindrances to forward progress,' in an e-mail he sent to occupiers, demanding certain things change. 'I can’t say all of OB is racist or OB itself is racist [but] we witnessed and experienced white privilege and racism,' he said.

Last week, Crawford sent the 'demands' to garner support for OTHB."

Jamal's Demands:

1. Establish a day dedicated to people of color .
2. Occupy Boston must clean itself up and establish order.
3. $2,000 donation from Occupy Boston to expand outreach.



Niccolo and Donkey
Jamal Crawford isn't really all that ambitious an extortionist, is he? What's he gonna do with 2 grand?