Proto-Indo-Europeans: solid. thick. tight.

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Bob Dylan Roof
"[The] physical anthropology of the deceased [in Kurgan-style burial mounds] speaks of a population that was more robust-appearing with males averaging up to 10 centimeters taller than the native Eneolithic [Balkan] population" - Ricardo Duchesne quoting Mallory in The Uniqueness of Western Civilization

According to Drews, the Mycenaeans were "big men, taller and broader" than the natives. - Id.​

"Louise Schofield also observes that before 1600 BC "the mainland of Greece was a cultural backwater [...] The men were about 5 ft 2 in-5 ft 6 in tall." But after 1600 the archeological records suddenly portray a "military aristocracy" made up of men who "had an average height of 5 ft 7 in...were robustly built, strong and muscular, with large hands and feet." - Id.​

"The great number of burials also provides considerable evidence for the physical type of the Dnieper-Donets population. They are predominantly characterized as late Cro-Magnons with more massive and robust features than the gracile Mediterranean peoples of the Balkan Neolithic. With males averaging about 172 centimetres in height they are a fairly tall people within the context of Neolithic populations." (Mallory JP (1989) In Search of the Indo Europeans. Thames and Hudson Ltd. London. p. 191)​


How did they get huge?

PIE contains words for horse, cow, ox, bull, sheep, ram, lamb, goat, dog, ducks, pigs, as well as "coagulated or sour milk, butter, and curds..." In contrast, "the mass of Sumerians and Akkadians had no meat or milk in their daily diet."​

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