Nigel Farage lays into the Eurocrats at the EU Parliament

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Niccolo and Donkey

Farage is right, at least when it comes to the failure of democracy and triumph of the managerial class. But... He is not out to create links or make friends. The ineluctable desire to view everything through the lens of WW2 creeps into everything he says. Envisioning the war as our last great stand, Farage and the legions of blazer-clad duffers in both UKIP and Tory grass roots want that scenario to play out in perpetuity. There is no real vision for England (Britain etc etc), just the tedium of port-soaked, after dinner talk. I'm really unsure what he thinks will happen if we insult potential allies and burn all our bridges in Europe. Maybe America will be particularly charitable towards us?

Niccolo and Donkey
That's my take on it as well. He doesn't seem to genuinely come across as a champion of national-sovereignty on the contintent much less than a booster of Anglo-American warning about the "EU Menace". So while he does strike the right chords his intent isn't particularly coming from a decent and selfless place.

John Laughland comes across as much more sincere on these matters.